A Tender Introduction
Part Two
by Antigone

The smoke and noise of the cantina seemed a blessed relief to the young man as he wound his way through the tables.  He didn't want to face Janos and the others, didn't want to answer their questions or hear their ribald laughter, didn't want Laeta to look at him the same way she'd looked at Janos when they argued.  But he couldn't just walk out; he didn't have a ride back to the spaceport.

"Here's the man of the hour!"  Zresk pulled Wedge's chair out for him and waved for the waitress.  "Have a drink, kid, and tell us all about it."

A slow, steady throbbing built in his temples, and the thought of alcohol sickened him.  "No thanks.  I really... I gotta go."  Wedge looked hopefully toward Janos, not meeting anyone else's eyes, especially hers.

"Force, look at your face!"  Janos laughed and pounded him on the back.  "You're a man now, son; men don't blush."

Laeta snorted and Wedge cringed inwardly.  "Leave him alone, Sith-for-brains."

Zresk leaned across the table.  "How was she?"

"It was... umm, it was really... something."  He tried to project enthusiasm, wishing that the ground would open up and swallow him.

"Blew your mind, eh, kid?"  Janos asked.

"Blew something," Tosh laughed.

"You people," Laeta growled as she stood, "are lame.  C'mon, Wedge, care to escort a lady back to her ship?"

The boy stood, grateful for the escape vector.

"Force, Laeta, don't wear the kid out!" Janos exclaimed.  "He's had enough for one night."

"Can never have enough, Jan," Zresk cracked.

Laeta rolled her eyes and took Wedge's hand, leading him out of the cantina to her speeder.  They spent the ride to the spaceport in silence.  Wedge sat with his hands in his lap, looking very much like the lost teenager that he was.  His mind kept jumping from the prostitute to the woman beside him, and he found himself confusing the two, wondering how Laeta would kiss, imagining her unpainted lips on his body.  Then he remembered how disastrously *that* had ended and fell into a funk again.

The spaceport corridors were bustling.  It was still only late afternoon; it seemed days later to Wedge.  They stood silently waiting for the lift to take them to the fourth level, where both his and Kaarde's ship was docked.  Wedge cleared his throat and watched the floor panels as if they might jump up and dance.

"You didn't do it, did you?"

His head jerked up and he stood in shock.  "How...?  Of *course* I did!"

Laeta smiled as they entered the lift.  "Don't take offense, Wedge.  I didn't expect you to come out smirking and swaggering, but you still seemed awfully subdued for a guy who..."

The boy shuffled his feet and toyed with his hair.  "It didn't feel right," he said quietly.  "I didn't know her."

"There's nothing wrong with that.  You *should* wait until it feels right, until you're with the right person."

"Yeah."  He sneaked a glance at her through the hair that hung in his face.  "Can I ask you something?"


"Would you have asked me to come with you if you thought I had done it?"

She shifted her weight and smiled wryly.  "No.  I would have left you there with the cretin family."

"Oh."  He bit his lip, waiting for the doors to open.  "So you don't think I'm a kid?"

"For Sith's sake!  You're, what, seventeen?  You're so not a kid."  She reached out to gently touch his cheek.  "You're a nice man, Wedge.  Any woman would be lucky to have you."

Emboldened by her feathery caress, he spoke.  "*Any* woman?"

For a moment, he was afraid that he'd overstepped his bounds, then Laeta smiled so very gently and placed a light kiss to his lips.  "Any woman."

Wedge felt his heart race, and his mouth immediately dried out.  "W-would you like you come up to my ship for a drink?"


His heart fell, then she smiled impishly.  "But I'll come up for a kiss."

The boy felt his breath come in a rush, and he looked down again, blushing.  he took his hand, squeezed it gently, and he pressed it to his lips in a sudden, bold movement.

The door to the Captain's quarters on the Coronet stood open, and Wedge led her inside, shutting the door behind him.  Laeta sat down on the unmade bed, glancing at the holomag he'd left there while Wedge stood nervously by the dresser, fingering a mislaid hydrospanner.

She looked up, pushing her hair off her face.  "Popular Mechanics?" she asked, picking up the holomag.


"Latest issue?"


"Did you read the specs for the new YT freighters?"


Laeta wouldn't look at him, and Wedge noticed a faint reddish tinge to her cheeks. 

"Oh, hell."

She stood, leaving the holomag forgotten on the bed, and crossed to him.  Taking his face in her hands, she pressed her mouth to his, parting his lips and hungrily invading him.  Wedge stood rigid, eyes wide, then his arms moved of their own volition and pulled her hard against him.

He felt heat rising in him again, and he broke the kiss, laying his head on her shoulder as he fought it down.  She rubbed his back, whispered something in his ear.  He held her tighter, afraid that she'd disappear if he let go.

Laeta sighed and turned her head, kissing his cheek, brushing her lips against the new fuzz there.  "We don't have to do this, Wedge," she said quietly.  "I won't think less of you."

He pulled away and looked at her, twisting her hair through his fingers.  He kissed the corners of her mouth and laid his cheek against hers.  "I want you so bad, Laeta.  I want to be good for you."

"Then kiss me.  Hold me.  Touch me."

She suited action to words and took the lead, pulling his hair free of its band and running her hands through it, letting it spill over his shoulders.  Her breath tickled his neck, and Wedge squirmed under the pleasant sensation.  Taking her face in his hands, he kissed her deeply, savoring the sweet warmth of her mouth.  She smiled against his lips and wrapped her arms around his waist.

Gathering his courage, Wedge let his hands drift lower, across her shoulders, down her back, pausing just above the curve of her buttocks.  Laeta made a small noise and leaned against him, her own hands kneading and massaging the muscles of his lower back.  Encouraged, the boy slowly touched her, fingers lightly dancing over her fabric-clad cheeks.

She was soft and yielding and he squeezed her gently, reveling in this heady sense of lust.  Laeta parted her legs, rubbing herself against his thigh until he could feel the heat emanating from her core.  She kissed down the column of his throat, simultaneously unbuttoning his shirt and nipping at his skin.  Wedge took the hint and slid his hands under her tunic, touching her bare skin for the first time.  A tingle ran down his spine as he worked the garment higher, stepping back to lift it over her head.

She wasn't wearing a bra.  Wedge stared unabashedly at her heaving breasts, her pink and pointed nipples.  Laeta tilted her head and smiled slightly, then took his hand and guided it to her chest.  She filled his hand perfectly, Wedge realized.  Like she was made for him.  His thumb brushed across her nipple and she gasped, sending a shot of heat straight to his groin.  He pulled her to him, pressing his lips tot he soft flesh, tonguing her breast until she moaned and clutched at him.

His shirt quickly joined hers on the floor, and her hands drifted to the bulge in his trousers, slowly touching him until his shoulders tightened and he groaned against her. He was suddenly grateful for his earlier experience, knowing that this time he would last a little longer.

The woman laughed softly as he shuddered under her touch, then stepped back and kicked her shoes off, looking up at him through her eyelashes.  Wedge gulped and hastily pulled off his boots, his eyes following her every motion as she unhurriedly toyed with her bet, slowly stripping off her tight trousers and undergarments.

Wedge jerked at the fastener of his own pants, swearing as his fingers clumsily refused to work.  Laeta's soft voice chided him, telling him to slow down, then she knelt before him and skillfully freed him from the confines of his trousers.  He blushed as he stood naked before her, then the woman took him in her hand, making him tremble and moan until all embarrassment fell away.

He pulled her to her feet and kissed her slowly.  "I want to make love with you."

Her eyes shone softly and she kissed his cheek.  "I want that too, Wedge."  At her urging, he fell back onto the bed and watched through glazed eyes as she straddled him, kissing his chest and stomach.  She guided his hand to the slickness between her thighs and moaned as he stroked her tentatively.  Her soft hand covered his, showed him how to touch her, and he watched in aroused fascination as she shuddered and sighed above him, thrilled that he could bring her to such heights.

Then he thought no more, as Laeta raised up and engulfed him.  Wedge felt his back arch and he grabbed her hips, digging his fingers into her soft flesh as he bucked wildly.  She rested a hand in the center of his chest, calming him, then began to move slowly, taking  him deeper with every stroke.

"Don't rush, love," she said breathlessly.  "Savor it like it's the last taste you'll ever get."

Wedge forced himself to take a deep breath and follow her lead.  His hands roamed over her body, touching everywhere they could reach.  She giggled when his stroked her sides and gasped when he moved his hands to her thighs, spreading them so that she settled a little more snugly against him.  The sensation of being buried so completely in her drove him to the edge and his grip tightened convulsively on her legs.

Laeta shrieked when he began to touch her as she'd shown him, finding the little nub between her legs.  He watched her move, head thrown back, chanting his name and he tried to hold back but he was cast into a state of such bliss that he thought he would die, thought maybe he *was* dying.  Dimly, he heard his own voice cry out as he came, then there was nothing but sweet darkness and the feel of her warm weight against his chest, her soft mewling sounds in his ear, and their hearts beating as one as their breathing slowed.

He held her for a long while, kissing the side of her face, tenderly caressing her back.  Laeta sighed and rolled off of him, then curled up beside him with her head an his shoulder.  She played with his hair as they lay in comfortable silence.

Wedge wanted to ask her something, but he was afraid she'd say no.  Looking down at her sleepy face, he felt his heart melt and he gathered her close.

"Will you stay the night?"

The corners of her mouth curled up.  "If you want."

"And tomorrow, too?"

"I'll be exhausted by tomorrow night, I'm sure."  Wedge chuckled and she raised up on her elbow to look at him.  "Anyway, we're leaving tomorrow afternoon." 


Laeta bent over and kissed his forehead.  "We've got tonight, Wedge."  Her hand drifted down his stomach.  "We could just go to sleep now... or we could see just how much energy you have."

She glanced down at his lap and laughed.  "That's what I thought."


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