Vampire: the Masquerade

"In response to their environment, the Kindred have evolved a complex society that exists just out of sight of the mortals who surround them. Age, clan, sect, sire, power, influence, and many other aspects of unlife make the Kindred who they are. Part of the any Kindred's being is membership in a number of social castes that grace vampire society. By creating and enforcing divisions and roles for themselves, no matter how artificial, the Kindred seel to escape the Beast that roils within them. Vampire: the Masquerade is, in fact, a double entendre. Not only do vampires hide from mortals, they hide from themselves as well, pretending they are not the horrors they have truly become."
(White Wolf, 1998; p.30)

Age, of course, is valued, as one assumes that with age comes wisdom. Generation, however, may prove to be the most useful tool in assesing a vampire's power. Generation describes how far removed a Kindred is from Caine, the first vampire. The lower the generation, the more powerful the Kindred is. For instance, the founders of each clan are of the third generation, and "are almost divine in their scope of ability, and possess powers unimaginable by those not of their caliber." (p. 56)

There are thirteen clans in V:tM, though this fic concerns itself with only four:





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