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And... Maybe
Part One
by Arwen

She was going to tell him.

After that mess on Aldivy, when the brother of the real Lara Notsil had popped up and had abruptly popped down again- permanently- she knew that there would be questions that would be asked. She knew that it would probably only be a matter of time before one of the Wraiths figured out who she was and who she wasn't.

She wanted to serve the Republic as who she really was. She didn't want to pretend anymore. But if they figured out that she had previously had been in the employ of Imperial Intelligence, she would either wind up dead or sealed away in a box for the rest of her life.

She straightened her shoulders, took a deep breath, and knocked.

"Come," came the call from within the office.

She opened the door and walked in.

"Sir, a moment of your time?"

"Certainly, Notsil. Have a seat."

She came in and sat down, nervous.

"I am not Lara Notsil."


"Lara Notsil died in the bombardment of Aldivy by Admiral Trigit. I took her identity."

Commander Antilles blinked, plainly trying to make sense out of what she had just said.

"Why?" He asked.

"My official employ is for Imperial Intelligence. The mess on Aldivy was my controller making contact with me."

"You are an Intelligence plant?"

"Yes, sir."

Antilles's blaster was out, and pointed at her. She raised her hands slowly, as to not alarm him.


She did so, slowly and surely, keeping her hands where he could see them.

"Face the wall and put your hands against it."

She obediently turned and pressed her hands against the wall and stood perfectly still as he patted her down. He found nothing, as she had intentionally disarmed herself before coming.

"Turn back around and sit."

She took her seat back and looked into his face.

"Now. Explain."

"Sir, I was serving aboard the Implacable when it was destroyed. I hated Admiral Trigit, and I had an alternate identity ready just in case I needed it. My reason for agreeing to go through Loran's plan for getting that Repness character was because that was a surefire ticket to your command."

"Face didn't-"

"Loran had no idea who I was, sir. He thinks I am Lara Notsil, farm girl kidnapped by Trigit and all that. The only one outside my controllers who know who I am is you, sir."

"Why are you telling me this now?"

"Sir, the more I learn of Zsinj and what he does, the more I am filled with disgust. I do not want to serve him, or any other command but that of the Republic."

"You're defecting?"

"Yes, sir."

Continued in 2