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And... Maybe
Part Two
by Arwen

"Alright, we have a lot to discuss, so shut up and sit down! NOW!"

The Wraiths stared, stunned at Wedge as he came storming into the conference room off the`Trench' at the Hawk-Bat base near Halmad. The order to assemble in the conference room had come barely fifteen minutes previously and had been directed at all personnel at the base.

Wedge scowled at the lack of response to his order. "What are you still standing around for?! Sit down!"

They sat. Very quickly. As Wedge took a few deep breaths and prepared what he had to say, Face Loran glanced around and did a headcount and came up two short.


"Yes, Loran?"

"Two people aren't here."


"Lara Notsil and Lieutenant Janson, sir."

Wedge looked at him for a moment then adressed the assemblage. "Alright the reason I have called you here today is to discuss-"


"What is it now Loran?!"

"Shouldn't we wait for them?"

"Loran, if you open that mouth of yours again, I will break my FOOT off in your Sithspawn-ass! Now SHUT UP and PAY ATTENTION!"

Face shut up, looking hurt and startled.

"Now, if there are no more comments, I will continue. I have called you here to discuss the woman we have known as Lara Notsil."

Tyria raised a hesitant hand.


"Sir, `the woman we have known as Lara Notsil?' Is she not Lara Notsil?"

"No. She is not Lara Notsil."

"Who is she then?"

"She is an Imperial Intelligence plant. She surrendered to me approxamately forty minutes ago and announced her intention to defect. I immediately placed a call to General Cracken at NRI, informing him of this. I also called Lieutenant Janson and told him.

"He is not here now because he is guarding her. Until the Intelligence people General Craken is sending arrive and take her to Coruscant, we will have to keep her under 24-hour surveillance. We will take turns at this. Squeaky."

"Yes?" Even the normally talkative droid seemed stunned by this.

"Work up a schedule."


Donos raised a hand. Wedge looked at him for a long time, silent. "Yes, Donos?" Wedge seemed hesitant and all of the other Wraiths wondered why.

"Sir, what is her proper name? We can't just go around referring to her as `Lara' or `Notsil' if that's not her name."

Wedge hesitated.

"For reasons that she has explained to me and I agree with, her proper name will not be revealed."


"This is not her first assignment in the Republic. On a previous assignment, she obeyed orders that resulted in something that would cause one of you to have a personal vendetta against her."


To be Continued...

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