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Death Comes to Call
Part One
by Arwen

"All right, everyone pipe down," Wedge said, walking into the briefing ampletheater at Coruscant's Silvilante Base. "We have some new members to round out those we lost and Corvis Minor."

Wedge sureptiously glanced at Gavin Darklighter out of the corner of his eye, gauging his reaction. Gavin, for obvious reasons, was very upset by the death of Asyr Sei'lar, his companion for many years. It would not be good if Gavin threw a fit now, even though he'd been very stable since that meeting with Fey'yla.

Thankfully, the charges had been dropped.

"First, I have been informed that, due to a breakthrough in Twi'lek cybernetic technology, Nawara Ven will be flying again. Congratulations and welcome back."

Nawara smiled at the applause that greeted this announcement.

"Second, our new members will stand."

Wedge gestured to three figures sitting in the front row and all three stood. One was a Devaronian female with a rather large amount of decorative guilding her horns. The second was a human male with hair that was a brilliant yellow. The third was a Bothan male with red and black fur in a very attractive pattern.

"Zhania Karr comes to us fresh from the Academy. She is also an expert in unarmed combat, so she will be brushing up on our own training in that regard." The Devaronian nodded, a huge grin lighting up her face.

"Bredon Wimsey is also fresh from the Academy. He comes from a planet named Thulcandra, which was recently discovered out on the Rim and incorporated into the Republic. Bredon speaks a variety of languages and, to use his own term, is capable of 'bullshitting,' or bluffing his way through any situation." The young man bowed deeply in a very formal manner.

"Byknan My'kla comes to us from Juggernaut Squadron, which was recently disbanded. He is an expert in communications and code slicing." The Bothan smiled, his fur rippling in an eye-catching pattern.

The Rogues stood and came forward to greet the newcomers. Before any of them could get there, however, Wimsey raised his voice: "Please, first: My name is Death."

He was greeted with silence. Finally, Myn Donos, the baby-faced Corellian said, "Why 'Death'?"

"Well, because my father's middle name is spelled the same way as death but is pronounced differently, and it's kind of a tribute to him. Secondly, my mother tells me that when I was born and the medics presented me to Dad, he said, 'Good God! Did I do that?!' and that is my way of revenge."

After the laughter had dissipated, the Rogues wandered out of the ampletheater and down to the cantina, where they took a large table and sat at it, swapping stories.

Inyri Forge, however, sat silent. She stared at Death slighty slack- jawed. She was completely stunned. She had never seen a pilot, or any man who was so...


To be Continued...

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