Part Three
by Arwen

I lay in bed, snoring happily away, dreaming contentedly when I was awakened suddenly by an incredible sensation. My eyes flew open and my hands on reflex flew towards the part of my body that was being stimulated in a way that made my mind want to explode.

But they were blocked. My hands couldn't make the complete journey. There was something there. Something furry. It moved at my touch, shifting slightly. I explored with my fingers and discovered that it was only furry only on the top and one side. The other side was smooth, but had dips and crevasses in it. After a moment, I realized that it was a human head. I further realized what the the source of my pleasure was- the mouth.

A moan escaped me as the shifting became a rhythm, as the tongue gently ran up and down the shaft. I felt my own hardness, felt blood pounding in my head, felt sweat pouring down my back and chest. My back arched, my legs, which were spread wide, kicked at nothing at all and my hands scrabbled wildly. My breath came in gasps. I craned my head forward to look at this…incredible person.

It was Luke Skywalker.

My Luke.

Oh, gods! Where did he learn how to do things like this?! my mind screamed at the ecstasy that just poured through my body, as if I were out in a storm and every raindrop that hit me was instant, total ecstasy.

I couldn't control myself and I came, powerfully. I felt Luke's entire body shudder with the force of it in his mouth. He drank it greedily, swallowing it. I lay still, my body shaking still.

He moved, releasing me, then crawling up on top of me. He lay down on my chest, planted a sticky kiss on my nose and said, "Happy lifeday, Wedge."

Then he kissed me, full on the mouth, his tongue slithering in and out of my mouth as if it were some kind of snake. I could taste my semen on his tongue. It was sweet, in a firy sort of way- like whiskey. As he kissed me, his hands moved all over my body, tickling, prodding, poking, stroking. Arousing.

I became stiff so suddenly it almost hurt. I heard a low chuckle in Luke's throat as he pulled me up, propping me up against the wall. He straddled me, then gently, facing me, slipped me into him. He gently rocked and held me close, pressing his lips against my forehead. I couldn't do much more than gasp and shake as what seemed like a fireworks show was performed in my head. My cheek was pressed against his chest and I knew that my mouth was just opening and shutting, like a fish's. The rocking became more insistant and I felt as if a proton torpedo had exploded between my legs when I came, roaring, rushing, pounding into Luke like an upside down waterfall.

When I woke up the next morning, the sheets were stiff. I stank to high heaven of sweat. I looked at Luke lying next to me and I almost laughed- he looked like he'd been caught in a blizzard. He opened one eye, then the other and looked at me.

"I love you, you know that, don't you?" he said.

"I *did* get that impression…"


"I love you too, Luke."


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