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Two Years in Paradise
by Arwen

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Arwen. She was a good girl, who cleaned her room periodically, occasionally listened to her parents, and loved the Star Wars trilogy. She spent her money on the EU books and read them fanatically. She was a firm believer in the statement, `copies of Star Wars and EU books that are falling apart usually belong to people whose lives are not.' She never really read the X-wing books however, because she, a delicate and naive girl, didn't really understand them. It seemed as if she was to blindly continue in her Farmboy-loving existence, when something happened: her parents sent her to summer camp.

Horrors! Arwen packed her bags with trepidation, wondering what would happen to her. She managed to keep a thick skin and skull, so she survived the two weeks. She did make one friend, who gave Arwen her Yahoo! ID so they could chat. Arwen went home and set up an account of her own. She shyly ventured into a chat room (Star Wars themed, of course) and met several people. One of them was named Aggy, who had the true faith in her heart. Arwen came gradually to know and love TAWG, and to write charming little fellitiato stories about Him. Finally, the invitation came: she was ready to join WAAS. With joy, Arwen saw her first loincloth clad pilot. She chose chocolate and whipped cream for the first time. Arwen met the other WAASers and slowly made herself a member of the group.

Now, three years after joining WAAS, Arwen is confident in her love of the Divine One and is capable of the most heavenly smut. Under the gentle instruction of Anti, Illi, Glim, Jaded, and all the others, she has blossomed from a blushing prude into a full smut queen. She lives happily ever after in Fic-land.

(And there was much rejoicing)

(Hobbie with chocolate mousse, please)

*wipes away a tear*


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