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Puppy Love
Part Two
by Arwen

"Hmm. Well, he does look something like Goat," I blinked hard, trying to understand this assessment of my identity. The speaker was a young woman that had been introduced- well she hadn't been introduced at all, but Arwen greeted her as `Fenig'- who apparently was going to assist in the Quest to Determine if I Was Who I Said I Was.

Or something like that.

Wes, Tych, Hobbes, and I had followed Arwen into a hotel. A young woman with brown hair and an eye that ran over me as if I was a nerf in a market stall and she was a prospective buyer opened the door. I halfway expected her to examine my feet. We walked into the room and in the better light, I noticed her shirt.

It had a large rebel crest on the front, and on the back was lettering that made me stare: "Elect a Real Rogue: Antilles/Celchu '04."

Tych was eying it as well.

Arwen caught my stare and snickered. "Fenig, we've got GoopyEyed!WedgeWannabe here!"

Four sets of eyes blinked simultaneously trying to sort that one out. It was at this point that she said that I looked like Goat, whomever that was.

I nervously straightened my shoulders and cleared my throat. This was not going quite right. However, that made them laugh harder. Through her laughter, Fenig gasped, "HonourableI'veGotTwoSquadronsToTakeCareOf!WedgeWannabe! Hooboy!"

Arwen stopped for a moment and said, "I wonder if NekkidWithGlitter!WedgeWannabe will show up?"

"Ketchup's better," was her reply.


"Or chocolate,"

"Whipped cream!"

"Chocolate and whipped cream!"

"Yeah, that's right. NekkidWithChocolateAndWhippedCream!Wedge. Can't be the wannabe, though. That would just suck."

"He'd prolly expect us to suck anyway!"

"Alright, who's slinging my clones around?!" came a shout from the doorway. We turned around and in walked another young woman, this one dressed in a red carnival suit and carrying a whip.

"Illi!" was the shouted reply from Arwen and Fenig. In a very hesitant voice, Wes asked, "What's the whip for?" Illi turned to him and screwed him with a glare. "It's for beating recaltrant clones into order."

Illi then walked over to Arwen and Fenig and the three stood in a little knot, talking in low voices. While they were talking, Wes said rather nervously, "Clones? What clones?"

Hobbie said, "What does she use that whip for?"

Tycho voiced my opinion in that he didn't want to know.

This made all three spin about and glare like Iceheart on PMS. "Wuss!"

"He can't be Tych if he's like that!"

Continued in Part Three