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Puppy Love
Part Three
by Arwen

I shook sleep out of my eyes and was momentarily confused. Then I remembered where I was. After meeting Fenig and Ili, we had traveled to some town or another that apparently was where Arwen was from. She informed us that the reasons for returning here was twofold: she had to work for a local theater production, and (the real zinger) if we could convice the local yokels that we were in fact from another planet she would accept it. We had descended on her family's house and Wes, Hobbie, Tych, and I had slept on the floor and sofas for the duration. Arwen had offered to get us some hotel rooms, but we had turned her down. So there I was lying on a lumpy sofa in some town whose name I couldn't remember. I got up and walked around. I heard music coming from upstairs and followed it. I came upon Arwen sitting at a computer, typing. The music was coming from the computer's speakers. I looked at her, trying to figure out what was different- she'd changed somehow. I scanned her from head to toe. Blonde hair touseled. Usual. Eyes bleary. Understandable. Nose runny. Also understandable. She had caught what she referred to as the 'show bug,' which came from the fact that the places where the actors, actresses, and crew virtually lived for two weeks was not terribly hygenic. I had also caught it. She was clad in a red shirt with a tattered quilt wrapped around her waist. Then I caught it- she wasn't wearing black. She glanced over at me and grinned.

"So, what did you think of the party?"

"What party?"

She laughed.

"The party last night! The cast party! Remember playing Feed the Actor*?"

I blinked hard, trying to remember.

"How drunk was I?"

She blinked hard.

"Not at all I hope! Booze wasn't served! You had a grand old time though. Especially when Wes found that stupid 'Sweatin' To the Oldies' tape. Sheesh. That was scary when he and Hobbie busted out dancing."

Then I rememberd. It "had" been pretty terrifying. It takes a very confident man to do things like that. Then I remembered the other reason we were there.

"So, did we pass?"

"Pass what?"

"The are-these-guys-from-outer-space test!"

"Huh? Oh! Sorry, I forgot to tell everyone that you are supposed to be the Fab Four."


She laughed.

"Sorry, I just had to tweak you. You guys earned a 'B+' It would have been an 'A' except for the aerobics."

"So how do we make up for that?" That was Tych, who had stuck his head in.

She stopped typing for the first time since I'd first spoken.

"I'll have to think about that."

**Feed the Actor is a game similar to Feed the Seal, commonly played in zoos. To play Feed the Actor, one needs either a staircase or a balcony. The Actor stands at the bottom directly below the players. The players throw small food items, i.e. cheese cubes, popcorn, peanuts, Smarties, gumballs at the Actors. The Actors tries to catch this in their mouth and see how many they can hold in their mouth at the same time. If an item does not go into the mouth, the Actor must eat the item off the flor (no hands permitted!) before having a new item dropped to them. Best played on short carpet.

To be Continued...

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