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Angel One
Part Six
by Banshee

A week later, Terra's private cruiser set down on the small moon of Yavin IV just outside the Temple that housed the Jedi Academy. Ella, flanked by her parents, walked excitedly down the ramp.

Jedi Master and former Rogue Leader, Luke Skywalker, and the silver-eyed Jedi teacher, Tionne, were on hand to greet them. He wrapped Tycho in a backslapping embrace and then turned his attention to his newest prospective student.

Ella clasped her hands in front of her and bowed respectfully, her eyes never leaving the Jedi Master's. They held each other's gaze for a minute; then Luke smiled and nodded. "Welcome to the Academy, Ella. This is Tionne. She'll get you settled in and introduce you to a few of the other students."

Tionne took Ella's hand and led her into the Temple as Luke turned his attention back to Terra and Tycho. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person, Terra. I really want to thank you for the journals. They're proving extremely insightful."

Terra smiled and nodded politely. "I'm glad they could help. I used to read them to Ella when she was younger."

Luke winced, "Why do I get the feeling she probably knows more about being a Jedi than I do?"

Tycho chuckled. "Corran could sure sense her when we landed on Terra's ship."

Terra shared his laughter, "And she knew Tycho was nearby as soon as he came out of hyperspace. I think her link with him is stronger than mine and I've known him longer."

Luke turned to Terra, interested as they, too, headed into the Temple. "Tycho told me about your abilities as well. How far away can you sense him?"

She shrugged and looked at Tycho, "Not sure. I was at our base when he was on Lusankya. That's at least two or three days' travel by X- wing. But that wasn't exactly what I would consider normal circumstances, though."

"What about normal circumstances, then?" Luke pressed.

"Well, I can tell when he's within the same system without really trying. After the way she reacted when they met, I'm sure Ella's range is even farther," she stated matter-of-factly.

Tycho was getting rather nervous about this line of questioning. "Ah, Luke... You will teach her how and when to turn that off, won't you?"

Terra grinned mischievously, "What's the matter?"

Luke's eyes were twinkling as he replied, "I think Tych's nervous about not being able to lock the door, so to speak, when he wants a little privacy."

Tycho scowled at his friends, "Why do I get the feeling I'm going to regret introducing the two of you?"

Their laughter echoed in the old hanger area as they entered the coolness of the Temple.

Continued in the Epilogue