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Angel One
by Banshee

Timeframe: Rebel Stand, shortly after Wes' arrival at Borleias.

Tycho had just removed his boots and laid down to rest before one of Wedge's meetings when his comm beeped. He moaned as he retrieved the device from his pocket; he had been on duty for nearly forty hours and had been looking forward to some shut-eye. "Celchu here."

"Sir, two dreadnaught-class ships have just entered orbit. General Antilles asked if you could meet their commanders' shuttle outside the special ops docking bay."

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly before answering. "On my way."

He was pulling on his boots, wondering why Wedge had authorized the newcomers to land in a restricted area when he felt something he could only describe as a mental hug. He wasn't sensitive to the Force but he knew immediately who was on that shuttle.


Jaina Solo and Jagged Fel were in the hanger when they heard a shuttle land outside. Before they could investigate, Ella Sharlee entered followed closely by a young man; both were wearing the uniforms of Guardiens ship commanders.

Although they were not close, Ella had always gotten along well with the Solo children while at the Jedi Academy. She and Anakin had thoroughly enjoyed sharing the ability of being able to spook new students, young and old alike.

Jaina greeted Ella, "What brings you to Borleias?"

Ella grinned mischievously, "Paying our respects to the Goddess, of course." Jaina winced as the older woman continued, "Your highness, I would like you to meet Commander Emory Derica. Emory, Jaina Solo."

Jaina was introducing Jag when Tycho exited the turbolift and headed in their direction. Jaina and Jag were surprised by the grin on the normally reserved colonel's face.

"Ella," he greeted her with a twinkle in his eye. Ella turned to introduce her companion but Tycho stepped forward, hand extended, "It's nice to meet you. I'm Ella's father, Colonel Tycho Celchu."

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Ella was hugging him so tightly he could barely breathe. "I love you, Daddy," she whispered in his ear as he returned her embrace. "Love you, too, Little Angel," he whispered back as soon as he could get enough air in his lungs.

They stepped apart to see three stunned faces. Although they did not hide their relationship, they had never exactly broadcast it either. Ella laughed as she introduced her rather stunned companion to her father.

Jaina was soon smiling, too. "Well, I finally figured out who you remind me of. Other than your mother, that is."

Ella had grown into a beautiful, slightly taller version of her mother with blond hair, which she kept long and braided. Along with the hair color, she had also inherited her father's piercing blue gaze.

Ella was blushing deeply as Tycho suggested he take the Guardiens to meet with Wedge. "New lightsaber?" he observed as they entered the turbolift.

Ella was pleased he noticed; they had not seen each other since before the fall of Coruscant. "Yeah, I gave my old one to Mom."

Tycho grimaced, "Don't you think she's bad enough without that kind of encouragement?"

The young man barked a laugh but quickly fell silent as Tycho turned to him with lifted eyebrows. Ella laughed and answered, "Sounds like something Casey would say."

Tycho grinned, "How is your step-father?"

"He's doing well. He said to tell you hello, by the way." She was about to ask about Winter but hesitated when she felt Tycho's concern. She got the feeling he had not heard from her in some time. Instead, she slipped her hand into his and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

The threesome exited the lift and headed through the halls to Wedge's office in silence; Tycho taking the opportunity to study the young man as they went. He was a few years older and a little taller than Ella, handsome and well built with medium-brown hair and gray eyes.

The former Rogue got the impression from the young man's reaction to the news of Tycho's relationship to Ella that the two youngsters were a little closer than just co-workers.

When they entered Wedge's office, he greeted Ella with a warm hug. "I would like to say welcome, but under the circumstances... " He shrugged and spread his arms to indicate the surrounding system.

Ella laughed as she introduced Emory. They took the offered seats and Tycho closed the door. She noted with some amusement that her father didn't sit but rather remained standing and leaned against the wall just beside and in front of her fiancÚ.

Poor Emory had already been unsettled at the prospect of meeting the legendary former-Rogues but upon hearing that one of them was also Ella's father, his nervousness had increased ten-fold. While she was pleased beyond words that Tycho had chosen to introduce himself as he did, she had intended to get the two of them alone and explain the situation.

Ella filled them in on the Guardiens' status. "We lost a number of people and several ships at Coruscant. Mom has most of the fleet either on evac/escort duty or protecting our base but we can spare our two ships and three fighter squadrons. They're not Mother's Arms but they're staffed with some of our best."

Wedge smiled, "We're glad of any help we can get. One of my aides will show you to quarters so you can get some rest. We have a staff meeting in a few hours; I'd like for the two of you to be there."

After they were gone, Wedge turned to Tycho, "What do you think?"

"I think they'll be good Insiders," the blond answered.

Wedge looked thoughtful. "Commander Derica seemed a bit nervous."

Tycho shrugged. "She's a Jedi and a Guardien; I trust her judgment. I doubt he would be here if he wasn't completely loyal to her. As to his nervousness," he grinned at his long-time friend, "That's probably because I told him I was her father."

Wedge chuckled, "That would be enough to make me nervous, too. By the way, have you ever gotten around to telling Wes?"

"Not yet, I've been waiting for the right moment."

Wedge moaned, "Let me guess, when he hits on her like he did Jaina. Assuming he's willing to risk Terra's ire, that is."

Tycho's grin turned feral. "If there's nothing else, General, I would like to get some shut-eye before this meeting of yours," he said as he left Wedge's office.

Wedge just shook his head as he sank back into his chair, "Why me?"


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