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Pay Attention to Me!
by Banshee

Banshee was sitting on the patio enjoying the late fall sunshine (Yes, Texas still has in the 80ís in November) with a stack of textbooks. She glanced up longingly at her Wedge and Tycho muses, who were relaxing in the nearby hot tub.

Tycho watched her as she sighed heavily and returned her attention to the book she was reading. "She seems rather stressed. Maybe we should drag her in her with us," he suggested mischievously to Wedge.

The brown-eyed Corellian nodded in agreement, "Yeah. It doesnít really seem fair, does it? I mean, here we are, enjoying the sunshine in her hot tub and she has all this school work to finish." He climbed out of the water and sauntered over to her.

When a shadow fell across the text, Banshee looked up from her reading. She openly admired the scantily clad muses before asking sarcastically, "What do you want this time?"

Tycho chuckled as he joined Wedge, "I think Wedge wants some attention, too."

She scowled at them. "Neither of you are going to get any attention until after I finish this report and study for my tests."

Wedge shifted his feet, "But thatís not fair. Youíve been so busy with Tycho and ĎFrom Empire to Rogueí that you havenít even worked on ĎMy Month with the Godsí in almost two months."

Tycho grinned smugly at his CO. "Youíre starting to sound like Wes, now."

"At least I donít sound like Hobbie," he retorted.

At this, Banshee looked around in dismay. "Hobbie? Whereís Hobbie? I still have a bone to pick with him after what he pulled."

The Rogues chuckled. "I donít think heís stupid enough to torment you anymore," the blond pilot replied.

"Itís not funny. He picked my first solo flight to show up for me and then told the tower to have a bacta tank standing by. The tower still laughs at me when they hear my voice on the radio," she pouted.

This only made the Rogues laugh harder, which in turn made her even madder. "Thatís it! Leave me alone or I wonít finish either story," she told them.

They shrugged and laid down on a nearby mat to enjoy the warm sun. Banshee watched them stretch leisurely; their exposed bodies gleaming seductively. "Do you have to do that there?" she moaned.

Wedge smiled innocently, "Do what?"

"I think weíre distracting her," Tycho replied helpfully. "Banshee, would you rather we go play online?"

"NO!! Iím still blushing from the last time you two were online with Paula," Banshee exclaimed as she turned bright pink. "Iíll be lucky if she ever talks to me again."

Wedgeís smile turned into a smirk, "Oh, yeah. That was fun."

Banshee was still scowling at her muses when her husband, James, walked out of the house. "There you are," he said as he leaned down and gave her a playful kiss. "Hi, honey. Iím home," he joked.

"Oh, sure. He gets to interrupt your studies but we canít," Tycho commented sarcastically.

"Go away," Banshee told the snickering Rogues.

James straightened, "Huh?"

She grimaced, "Not you... I was... talking to... the cat. He was sitting in the window watching us."

"Thatís never bothered you before," her husband responded smugly as he took the books out of her lap and laid them on the ground and then pulled her to her feet and towards the hot tub enclosure.

"James, I have a paper to finish and tests to study for," Banshee moaned.

He winked, "Iíll help you study for them but first, you need to relax for a little bit and so do I."

Wedge and Tycho watched incredulously as the newcomer closed the door and windows to the hot tub just as she giggled and untied her bathing suit.

"Well, how do you like that?" Wedge huffed.

Tycho slid his arm around his COís waist and nuzzled his ear. "You wanna go play online? Maybe we can talk Paula into writing that shower scene you promised me."

Wedge chuckled, "Sounds like fun. You think we can talk Wes into joining us?"

Tycho stiffened, "Only if youíll let Luke join us, too. Or better yet, we can invite the entire squadron down to the showers in the ready room."

"Whoís the jealous one now?" Wedge commented smugly. At Tychoís annoyed glared, he relented. "OK, I get the point. But thereís one little problem. After last time, Banshee changed all the passwords on her computer," Wedge complained.

"Donít worry. Terra told me what they were," Tycho replied smugly as they headed into the house.

Wedge chuckled, "You know. Iím really starting to like her."


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