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Part One
by Banshee

The woman slipped quietly into the back row of the briefing room. She was hoping to get a few minutes alone with Commander Antilles afterward. The Rogue's CO was currently absorbed in the meeting and didn't notice her arrival.

She smiled as she watched his movements; they were still as swaggeringly confident as she remembered. Typical Corellian she smirked to herself.

Sometime during the briefing, Captain Tycho Celchu, Wedge's second in command, stood to take over. He was slightly taller than the brown-eyed Corellian, dark blond with sky blue eyes - light to Wedge's dark - and moved with graceful dignity.

She turned her attention back to Wedge; he was watching the Alderaanian rather intently, occasionally running his hand through his hair. She wondered if the rumors of his protectiveness toward Tycho were exaggerated. Probably not, she decided. She had known the dark-haired pilot too long to doubt his loyalty to his friends.

From what she had heard of the blond's ordeals with Isard and afterward, he had needed a champion upon his return. A role the Corellian would have thrown himself into. From what she had discovered so far of the Alderaanian, she could certainly understand the desire to comfort and protect the man.

At some point the Commander must have felt her gaze because he looked up to lock eyes with her. She took a deep breath; thankful she was sitting down as her stomach began to do all the things it used to do whenever he was near.

He smiled faintly in her direction, then dismissed the meeting; he spoke with Tycho as the room emptied. She waited till the others were gone, leaving her alone with the two pilots.

She made her way to the front of the room, trying to control her breathing as she watched the handsome pair. When she got within a few feet of them, Wedge greeted her warmly, wrapping her in a friendly hug and then introducing her to Tycho.

"What are you doing here?" he asked her.

She grinned mischievously, "I seem to recall last time we saw each other, you promised me dinner. I thought I'd come collect."

His smile faltered slightly as he looked up at Tycho who shrugged. "Well... I..."

She picked up on his hesitancy; "You had other plans for the evening. It's ok, I'll be here for a week or so."

He sighed in relief, "How about tomorrow night then? My place?"

She nodded, "Sounds good to me. Should I bring anything?"

He smirked, "Just yourself."

Continued in Part Two