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Part Three
by Banshee

Several hours later, the kitchen was cleaned and everything had been put away, including a good portion of the bottle of Whyren's. She giggled with anticipation as Wedge steered her towards his bedroom.

She hesitated briefly in the doorway, feeling as if something was missing. Then she noticed the huge bed occupying the center of the room. "Does the entire squadron live with you?" she asked playfully.

He chuckled and pulled her to him, his hands finding and kneading her bottom as his lips brushed hers. Her mouth opened and he thrust his tongue in deeply, tasting her. She moaned softly and began tugging at his shirt, slipping her hands underneath to tease his warm skin.


Tycho was debating about offering some excuse to stay on base for the night when he keyed open the door. It wasn't often Wedge got to spend quality time with a female that wasn't either under his command or already attached in some way.

He was surprised to find the front room empty and darkened; the kitchen cleaned. He had assumed that she would still be here, swapping stories with Wedge on the couch.

He made his way down the hall to his bedchambers, pulling his shirt from the waistband of his pants and unbuttoning it. When he reached Wedge's room, the door was partially open and there was a soft light spilling out.

Knowing he would have closed the door completely if he wanted privacy, the Alderaanian shrugged mentally. Wedge must be loosing his touch.

Feeling the need to commiserate over their mutual early evenings, he pushed open the door and froze. A trail of clothes, both feminine and masculine led to Wedge's bed, and on that bed...

Continued in Part Four