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Part Four
by Banshee

Wedge was lying on his back with her over him, propped up on her forearms. Her legs pistoning her lower body as his hands guided her hips. She kissed him and then threw her head back, eyes closed and back arched as he began suckling her breast.

A barely audible gasp informed them they had an audience. Frozen, she turned to see Tycho framed in the open doorway, his shirt unbuttoned. The dim lighting cast a soft glow on his bare chest and apologetically startled face.

Her first reaction was of embarrassment, wanting to cover herself and Wedge but when she saw the expression on her lover's face, she changed her mind. Grinning seductively at the Corellian, she straightened, sitting up, allowing Tycho an unobstructed view of their joined bodies.

She rubbed her splayed hands down Wedge's chest as he spread her thighs, driving him even deeper into her. Their palms met and their fingers entwined; she resumed her movements, the pace bordering on agonizingly slow, grinding their hips together on the down stroke before again lifting her body. Wedge growled deep in his throat and thrust up to meet her on the way back down.

Tycho was drawn to them, unable to think consciously as he moved into the room. His shirt and boots joined the clothes already on the floor. Tycho's gaze was glued to Wedge's face; approval shining through his CO's warm brown eyes.

The bed dipped slightly with Tycho's weight; he knelt behind her, also straddling Wedge's legs. His arms slipped around her as his black-clad thighs settled beside hers. She leaned back against the muscular body, feeling his arousal even through the pants he was still wearing.

Tycho's hands roamed her front, cupping and kneading her breasts. She moaned, enjoying the feel of the man within and under her as well as the warm male body behind her as she continued her movements.

She laid her head on Tycho's shoulder, exposing her neck to him. The blond began nibbling along her collarbone working his way inward toward the vulnerable flesh.

One of Wedge's hands released hers to continue its explorations, sliding down her abdomen toward her molten core. Her free hand buried in Tycho's soft hair, guiding his mouth to hers in a desperately passionate kiss. A thumb brushed her swollen clit as hands tweaked both nipples, pushing her over the edge.

She screamed into Tycho's mouth; her spasms triggering Wedge's own. She fell bonelessly atop the Corellian as Tycho stretched out beside them, settling into the nook of his CO's arm and draping an arm over her back.

She felt movement and looked up, propping her chin lazily on Wedge's chest so she could watch the two men share an affectionate kiss. Tycho moaned softly and she marveled at his control, which had to be considerable if the erection poking into her hip was anything to go by.

She chuckled softly, a wicked idea crossing her mind. She nuzzled Wedge's neck to get his attention. When he released his 2IC's lips, she captured the blond's mouth with her own. Slowly, she climbed over the Alderaanian so that he was lying on his back between her and the Corellian.

She glanced up to meet Wedge's intense eyes and they exchanged impish grins. Tycho watched them through a haze of need, groaning in frustration. Moving in unspoken synchrony, she began nibbling the hollow of Tycho's throat while the Commander moved down to his waist.

Slowly, Wedge unfastened the black pants and eased them down and off the powerful legs and then began gently massaging Tycho's feet. When he suckled an inner ankle, Tycho tried unsuccessfully to stifle a giggle.

She lifted up in surprise. "Are you ticklish, Captain?" she cooed in his ear.

Still giggling, he shook his head negative. "Nnnnoooooo!" he whimpered.

His half-hearted protests only encouraged her. Taking a cue from Wedge, she joined him at the foot of the bed and licked the other ankle. Tycho began squirming, trying to tug his feet out of their grasps.

She kissed her way up his leg toward the knee and then knelt between his legs. Laughing, Wedge mercifully released his friend's foot and lay down beside him. He slipped an arm around the taller man's shoulders, whispering reassurances in his ear.

She hovered over his hardness, inhaling the intoxicating musk. Gently, she touched her tongue to the tip, his sigh was music to her ears. She licked from base to tip and then swallowed him down.

She knew he wouldn't last long; he was too far gone already. She took his heavy sack in her hand and began lightly rolling them in her palm as she worked him, grazing slightly with her teeth.

Once. Twice. Three times and he was shouting her name as he exploded into her mouth. She lapped him clean and then nuzzled the blond curls. A line of chaste kissed led her back up his body where she pillowed her head on his chest, listening to his heart as it slowed.

He kissed the crown of her head and then rolled them both over onto their sides. Wedge spooned behind her, adding his warmth to theirs. The two men wrapped their arms around each other, nestling her protectively between them.

As she drifted off to sated sleep, she realized she found what was missing in the room. In the morning, the two men would accompany her back to her hotel so she could pack since she would be staying with them for the rest of her time on world.


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