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From Empire to Rogue
Part Ten
by Banshee

Tycho was helping Kathreene when Terra returned to the kitchen. "Good morning, Celly." She placed a light hand on his back and he gave her a tired smile as he continued working at the old-fashioned stove. She looked over his shoulder into the pot, "So, whatís for breakfast?"

He chuckled mischievously, "This is a stew for lunch; itís your turn to cook breakfast. Remember?"

She moaned, "But the two of you always complain about my cooking. Iíll make you a deal: Iíll clean up after breakfast and lunch if you take care of breakfast for me."

Tycho glanced over his shoulder at Kathreene, who was setting the table. "What do you say?"

Kathreene recognized the gleam in his eyes and responded appropriately, "I say she cleans up after dinner, too."

Terra scowled at them, "Just what I need: the two of you ganging up on me. OK, Iíll clean up after all the meals until we leave."

Kathreene chuckled, "But weíre leaving the day after tomorrow."

Tycho smirked, "Would you rather eat her cooking?"

"Point," Kathreene agreed. "OK, Tycho and I will cookthe rest of the meals as long as you clean upafterwards." That said, she took over preparations for breakfast and they were soon sitting down to eat.

After they were finished, Terra ruffled Tychoís hair as she stood and collected the dishes. He chuckled, "Yes, I know. I need a haircut."

Terra raised her eyebrows, "Why? Youíre not under any regulations saying you have to."

He turned to her in surprise and disappointment, "What about the Guardiens? Did you change your mind?"

Terra laughed. "Actually, the Guardiens donít differentiate between male and female dress codes. Since human females with long hair are acceptable, so are males. The only requirement is that it be kept neat and, preferably, pulled back out of the way. Facial hair, however, is out until you are an officer. Rank has to have some privileges, after all."

Kathreene snickered and winked at him, "Of course, the fact that Terra always had a thing for men with long hair may have something to do with that decision."

"Mom!!!" Terra exclaimed incredulously, her blush adding credibility to her motherís words.

Tycho returned Kathreeneís conspiratorial wink, "Well, in that case; Iíll let it grow." His hair had always grown quickly and his mother had often complained about having to cut it so frequently. Terra had even teased him that if his bodyís growth energies were ever turned to his height instead of his hair, he would be taller than a Wookiee in no time.

"That plus your tan should make a pretty good disguise; I doubt even Adair would recognize you. Besides, not many would believe you with long hair," Terra commented impishly.

Tycho barked a laugh, "Isnít that the truth. Well, since I should probably add to this tan, you want to go sailing again today?"

Terra smiled, "It will be kind of hard to get a tan wearing jackets. Youíll have to wait till we get back to the coast assuming you have time, that is. Iíll be a few days catching up before we have to leave for our ship and you need some sim time to get up to speed in our fighters."

Tycho moaned good-naturedly, "Guess that means vacation is over."

Continued in Part Eleven