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From Empire to Rogue
Part Six
by Banshee

Half a day later, Tycho sat in the med ward at the Guardiens' main base, which was on Terra's homeworld. The base's doctor was examining his shoulder as Terra sat on his left side, holding his hand in hers.

The medic's gaze flashed down briefly to their clasped hands and she smiled to herself. Amica was in her early fifties with an air of maternal caring and Tycho found himself trusting her. She glanced at Terra, "This isn't an injury. Your work?"

Terra shook her head, "Doc's. It's a little over a day and a half old. I changed the bandages about twenty hours ago."

"Doc, huh. Then I probably don't want to know why, do I?" She smirked as she continued to examine Tycho. "Well, everything looks good; it's just a slight infection. A couple of hours in the tank and you'll be ready for one of Terra's calisthenics routines, but I wouldn't recommend it."

Terra snorted, "I'm not that bad."

Amica chuckled, "I'll remind you of that next time you ask me to treat a dislocated hip."

"That wasn't my fault! And it happened during a smashbll game, not calisthenics," Terra retorted.

Tycho chuckled; his own experience had taught him that workouts with Terra could be rather painful. "You going to be here when I get out?" he asked Terra softly, still feeling somewhat out of place.

She gave him a brave smile, "After you get settled into the tank, I'm going to run by Mom's office for a few minutes but I'll be back by the time you get out. I won't be more that a comm call away if you need anything."

Tycho nodded and the women walked around the curtain and into the main room so he could change into the brief coverings he would be wearing while inside the bacta tank. He then pulled on a robe and slippers and padded over to the technician who would assist in getting him into and out of the sticky fluid.

"He's a cute one," Amica teased Terra as they stood watching Tycho float in the healing bacta. "Makes me wish I was about thirty years younger."

Terra scowled at the elder woman. "He's just a friend," she insisted a little too harshly.

The medic nodded knowingly, "Of course."

Terra chuckled and shook her head, "I need to go see Mom. I'll be back shortly."

"I'll take good care of him until you get back," the medic told her reassuringly. "And don't worry, he's going to be fine. Whatever the reason for it, Doc did a good job."

Terra hugged her briefly. "Thanks," she said and left to find her mother's office located in the Administration wing close by.


As promised, Terra returned a few minutes before Tycho was removed from the bacta. When she saw he was awake, she put her hand on the side of the tank where he could see it. He shifted slightly and raised his own hand to hers and then kicked his way to the top.

Tycho cleaned and dressed sans tunic so Amica could take one more look at his shoulder. She gave him a clean bill of health and suggested he take it easy for a few days.

Tycho slipped back on his shirt and followed Terra outside to a nearby atrium. They sat on a bench under shade trees with a view of the nearby coast. Tycho broke the silence first, "So, what now?"

Terra smiled sadly and slipped her arm around his waist; "Mom will be finished with what she's working on soon. I figured we could wait for her and then ride home together. We were thinking about spending a week or so at the lake house, if that's OK with you. How would you fell about a private Remembrance Ceremony?"

He nodded and put an arm around her shoulder, "I think I'd like that."

They lapsed back into silence, enjoying the sound of waves crashing along the shore. He tensed as the familiar scream of TIEs filled the air. "Are those yours?" he asked nervously.

She held him tighter and tried to reassure him as the fighters came into view, flying low overhead. "They're heading for their base several miles north of here. With all the fighting that's been going on lately, I was worried about my people being mistaken for Imperials by the Rebels so we don't use TIEs anymore. And vice versa for the Headhunters."

He unconsciously pulled her closer as he watched them pass by and fade into the distance. "Bet I can guess where your old ships disappeared to," he said with a wry smile. "What did you replace them with?"

She laughed, "You are never going to guess." When he shook his head, she continued, "I was on Imperial Center and came across a stash of Old Republic starfighters no one even knew existed so we were able to get a pretty good deal on them. They don't have built-in hyperdrives but we did manage to come across schematics for a booster attachment in one of the ship's memory banks so my mechanics have been trying to rig something up. "Dad said they looked like some of the ships the Judicial Department used to loan the Jedi," she added quietly, still unsure how he would react to her abilities.

He looked at her in surprise, "The Jedi? Really? Are you sure that's a good idea considering...?"

She shrugged, "No one even knew they were there and I haven't been able to find any references to them in any of the modern databases so I doubt they'll show up on anyone's threat profile as bad guy. I'll be glad when we can finally put together something with a real manufacturer, though."

He hugged her reassuringly and they both laughed as his stomach grumbled. "So, does this base of yours have any food?" he asked.

She smirked up at him, "Does this base have pilots?"

"Forget I asked," he groaned and they stood with their arms still around each other as she led him to the kitchens.

Continued in Part Seven