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My Month with the Gods
Part Sixteen
by Banshee

Upon hearing Tinoís name, Tycho and Wedge were immediately at my side. Corran moved to pull his blaster, but Luke stopped him with a hand on his forearm.

I watched as Tinoís eyes scanned the room, wincing when I remembered my state of dress as well as that of Wedge and Tycho. I had forgotten how observant he could be. His eyes settled on mine and he drew a piece of cloth out of his pocket. He carefully unwrapped an object and threw it to the floor at my feet. "I believe this is yours," he said.

I looked down to find the throwing knife I had last seen embedded in the hand of one of our attackers from the previous evening. I met Tinoís gaze questioningly.

"I did not order the attack. In fact, I ordered my people to stay away from you and the Rogues. A few thought they would earn points by bringing you in." He turned to Wedge and added, "I would like to formally apologize about Major Klivian. I was relieved to hear that he will be ok."

"And weíre supposed to believe you?" I asked sarcastically.

He faced Luke and lifted an eyebrow. "You are the Jedi Skywalker, are you not?"

Luke nodded. "Heís telling the truth, but not the whole truth."

He seemed surprised by Lukeís statement but nodded. "A week or so before your trip became public, I received a message from Jovan telling me you would be here. That message was from someone in Admiral Heltoís office, but I havenít been able to find out who sent it."

We stood in silence for a moment before Tino took a step toward me. I took a step back and the Rogues tensed. A look of pain crossed his handsome face and he took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "Sandy, Iím sorry... for everything," he said softly and then turned to leave.

By the time the door closed, I had the knife in my hand. It impacted the door approximately where Tinoís throat had been and again fell to the floor. I could feel four sets of eyes watching me as I took up a position staring out the viewport with my back to them. I breathed deeply, trying to control the shivering and rage wracking my body.

I heard voices behind me but tuned them out. Luke and Corran left shortly and I could hear Tycho pull on his boots and shirt and then he, too, quietly departed. Wedge walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist, resting his chin on my shoulder.

"So, that was Tino," he said noncommittally. I just nodded, unable to answer coherently.

He shrugged, "Wes could take him."

I laughed in spite of myself as Wedge nuzzled my temple. "What now?" I asked. "From what he said, we either have a Viper in the Admiralís office or someone who sympathizes strongly with one of the independence groups."

"Either way it sounds like you could still be in danger. The fact that he made it onto base and into a rather secure area is alarming. I want to order a security team to be stationed outside your quarters in addition to your Rogue escorts."

I nodded reluctantly. "On one condition. You stay with me at night. Just you."

He smiled and nodded. "You know, you are doing horrible things to my reputation."

"I think you can handle it, General," I teased and then kissed him.

Continued in Part Seventeen