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My Month with the Gods
Part Seventeen
by Banshee

I was playing with the food on my lunch tray when Wes and Hobbie took up residency on either side of me. I had picked out a table in the corner away from everyone so I could be alone with my misery.

"What are you doing all alone?" Wes asked playfully.

I pointed my fork across the cafeteria, "Wedge is over there. He saw someone he needed to talk to." I glanced up at Hobbie. "What are you doing out of the med ward? I thought they were going to keep you most of the day."

I was surprised to see a genuine smile light his face. "Luke stopped by and convinced the medic I didn’t need to be there."

Wes snickered, "He didn’t even need to use the Force on him either. He just told him the only reason Hobbie keeps getting hurt is because he likes the attention he gets from the nurses."

"And I suppose you like keeping him company for the same reason," I teased.

Hobbie barked a laugh. "She’s got you there, Wes."

Wes put on his best heart-melting grin and I had to smile. "Guilty as charged." He grew suddenly serious, "Luke told us about your visitor."

I rested my chin in my hand and began playing with my food again, pushing around the uneaten masses of... something... with a fork. "Yeah. I haven’t heard anything of him since the attack. I thought he was dead," I said softly.

Wedge returned to the table then and moaned. "Who busted you two out?"

Wes grinned wickedly, "Luke did. I think he was hoping we would save him from Corran."

"Great. Now I’ve got to put up with you. Wish Luke would have bugged Mirax instead; he would probably get better results," Wedge mumbled.

"I heard that," Wes pouted and then perked up. "By the way, where’s Tycho?"

Wedge snarled, "After what you pulled, I think you need to stay clear of Tycho for a few days."

"How was I supposed to know he wasn’t going to be alone?" Wes asked incredulously.

"When is someone going to tell me what happened?" I pleaded, my moping temporarily forgotten.

Wes started to speak but closed his mouth when he saw the glares on Wedge and Hobbie’s faces. "Sorry, Sandy. You’ll have to ask Tycho," he said petulantly.

I growled in frustration but then remembered Wedge’s tactic for getting information out of Tycho and grinned smugly.

Wedge read my thoughts and warned, "Don’t even think about it."

My grin turned into a smirk, as I couldn’t resist riling Wedge. "What’s the matter?" I asked sweetly.

He looked pointedly at Wes and Hobbie and replied sternly, "Nothing. Come on, we’re due in the briefing room soon."


Our sims for that afternoon turned out to be rather enjoyable. We were flying as a squadron against none other than Colonel Loud-Mouth and his A-wings. Needless to say, we humiliated them pretty badly, with Gavin getting the honor of the kill on the Colonel.

Afterwards, we were sitting in Down Time in the same booth we had been in when I met most of the Rogues over a week ago. The Colonel and his bunch were across the room staring daggers at us so we bought them a couple of round of drinks. They mellowed out pretty quickly after that.

Narawa left early, saying something about spending time with Rysati. Gavin, Ooryl, Myn, and Mikuls were engaged in some form of 4-player holochess at a nearby game table and I was concentrating on releasing some frustrations when the waiter returned with a bowl of cherries and placed it in front of Wes. Marnie, Mirax and Inyri had smirks on their faces. I grinned and asked, "Is that what I think it's for?"

"Yep," Marnie answered.

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this?" Corran moaned.

"What am I supposed to do with this?" Tycho asked as each of the male Rogues were handed a cherry.

"You're to try to tie a knot in the stem with your tongue." Marnie laughed as she pulled the stem off and put it in her mouth to demonstrate.

Wedge was the first to complete the task; Wes coming in a close second. Tycho and Hobbie finished not long after, Hobbie held his knotted stem triumphantly for all to see. The females at the table, myself included, simultaneously burst out laughing.

"And just why is this so funny? Is it supposed to be difficult?" Wedge asked as Corran struggled with his.

Mirax, Inyri and I were laughing so hard we couldn't breathe. Marnie was the only one coherent enough to answer, "It's supposed to indicate how good of a kisser you are."

"Oh, really?" Wes asked grinning as Wedge turned bright pink. Wes handed Wedge, Tycho, and Hobbie another cherry. "Wanna see who can do it the fastest?"

Tycho decided it was his turn to rib Wedge, "Gee, you do that so well. Who have you been practicing with?" If possible, Wedge turned an even brighter pink.

Wes piped up, "You didn't know Corellians are supposed to be naturally good kissers?" He eyed Corran, still struggling with his first stem, "Well, most of them anyway."

Mirax gave Wes a warning look and snarled under her breath.

So the evening went and I was relieved to finally call it a night. Wedge had been right; it had been a very long day. We headed back to my quarters, saluting as we passed the security detail. I sighed contentedly as I snuggled up next to Wedge and he kissed me good night.

Continued in Part Eighteen