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My Month with the Gods
Part Nineteen
by Banshee

I returned to my quarters after lunch, grateful Wedge had agreed that I could look after myself long enough to get ready for the dinner without a babysitter, especially since the security detail was still posted outside my door. What he didn't know was that I was still uncertain about not wearing my dress uniform and I had not told him about the gown I had purchased.

When I noticed the message light on my comm was blinking, I assumed it was from Mirax. I was delighted to find a letter from my grandfather. I quickly read through it, finishing just as Mirax arrived to help me get ready, or so she said. I suspect it was more likely that she wanted to make sure I wore... the dress.

We spent several hours on our hair and makeup and as much as I liked the effect, I still thought I should wear my uniform. I walked out of my bedchambers and into the living area, speaking my concerns as I did. My voice trailed off when I saw the smug grin on her face.

She was looking over my shoulder toward the door and I turned around and was surprised to see Wedge and Corran standing there. Both Rogues looked rather dazzling in their dress uniforms and they were staring open-mouthed; Wedge's expression making me feel like the most beautiful woman in the galaxy.

Wedge reached over and closed Corran's mouth as I stood, blushing. He then walked up to me and offered me his arm. "My lady," he grinned, his soft brown eyes twinkling. "It would be my honor to be your escort for the evening."

I felt the blush deepening as I took his arm. "Thank you, General. And might I say you are looking quite handsome," I told him with a playful wink.

Corran snickered and Mirax nudged him in the ribs as we exited my quarters and headed for the shuttles. Most of the Rogues and Rysati were waiting for us in the hanger; I was pleased to see their reactions to my appearance were similar to Wedge and Corran's

I noticed Tycho wasn't among them and asked Wedge about his absence. Wedge lifted an eyebrow suspiciously at me and said he had already left for the Palace since he would be escorting Winter to the dinner.

"Winter?" I asked.

Wedge seemed puzzled about how to answer, "I guess she's his girlfriend, although fiancÚ would probably be a more accurate description. She's Princess Leia's personal aide and nanny for the Solo twins."

I remembered the holo on Tycho's desk of a beautiful white-haired woman. "They probably don't get to see each other very often, then, huh?"

Wedge's eyes were sad when he responded, "No, not really."

"Well, I wanted to tell him I heard from my grandfather this afternoon. He said the Guardiens were so impressed with XM that they are working on a partnership," I told him excitedly.

Wedge grinned and wrapped his arm around my waist as he helped me into one of the shuttles. "That's good to hear. I guess Tych and I'll just have to come up with some excuse to visit Jovan," he said with a wink.

I shook my head, sending my long hair brushing across his hand and forearm; I had worn it loose because I knew he liked burying his hands in the silken strands. He inhaled sharply at the tickling sensation and I grinned smugly, looking forward to some after-dinner activities once we got back to base.

The Rouges had been split into two groups for the trip over to the Palace. Corran and Ooryl piloted our shuttle while Inyri and Myn took the controls of the second. When I playfully asked Wedge why Hobbie and Wes weren't flying, he moaned. "I'd like to get there and back in one piece, thank you. Not to mention, I really don't want to have to fill out a request for repairs on the shuttles."

Wes leaned forward from his seat behind us; I suspected he chose that one so he could serve as our chaperone. "I heard that," he retorted.

The trip to the former Imperial Palace was rather uneventful and we headed into the foyer area where Tycho was waiting. He did a double take when I entered, making me blush all over again as we entered the Reception Hall.

Continued in Part Twenty