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Mt Month with the Gods
Part Twenty-One
by Banshee

True to his word, Tycho led me onto the dance floor where I spent most of the next hour or so before dinner. Wes and Hobbie even made a point of dancing with me more than once and I have to admit that they are excellent dancers.

In fact, I danced with all the male Rogues except one: mine; who, frustratingly enough, pulled a disappearing act not long after finishing the drink Tycho brought him. I guess I couldn’t really blame Wedge for being upset with me but I was beginning to miss his reassuring presence at my side.

Then again, his absence could have been due to his well-known aversion to dancing since he knew I would probably try to drag him onto the floor. Knowing him, he had almost certainly ordered the Rogues to dance with me so he wouldn’t have to.

After a few minutes of searching, I spotted the missing Rogue in an out-of-the-way corner of the room. I noticed a dark-haired petite figure next to him, partially obscured by a column. The woman laughed and briefly placed a slender hand on Wedge’s arm and my temper began to rise.

How dare she, I seethed and headed his direction, stalking him like the domineering lover. When I reached his side, I wrapped both arms around his waist in a possessive gesture and turned to the woman with a predatory smirk as Wedge smiled down at me and absently draped an arm across my shoulders.

I was equally shocked and embarrassed to recognized Princess Leia Organa Solo, Minister of State of the New Republic and Luke Skywalker’s sister. More importantly, she could loosely be described as Admiral Akbar’s -- and therefore Wedge’s -- boss. Oops, I thought to myself.

Fortunately, the Princess seemed amused by my display of ownership and greeted me with a twinkle in her eye, saying her brother had warned her about me. Before I could decide whether or not to be insulted, dinner was announced.


Dinner began rather uneventfully unless you count the curious glances Wedge and I received from a couple of the Rogues. Of course, the raised eyebrows could have been due to the fact that, occasionally, he would lean over and whisper in my ear before nipping at it playfully. It was probably a good thing the table linens hid from view Wedge’s hand on my knee under the table and since I was left-handed, I returned the favor.

By the time the main course arrived, Wedge’s hand had found its way under the slit in my dress and was slowly roaming higher up my leg; he chuckled softly when he discovered I was wearing gartered stockings. I found some excuse to scoot my chair closer to his; for the life of me, I still can’t remember what it was.

Tycho, Winter, Corran and Mirax were sitting on the other side of the table, watching us with some amusement and a hint of concern. I heard a distinct snort from the other side of Wedge where Wes was seated; it was followed shortly by Hobbie’s whispered voice from my other side, reprimanding us for behaving like Wes.

I was about to retort when movement across the room caught my eye. It was Tino lifting his drink and looking inquisitively in my direction. When our eyes met, he nodded and downed the contents, making a slight salute as he put down the now-empty glass. It had been a motion that I had seen before when we were dating and I didn’t like what it meant.

I reviewed the events of the evening, focusing on my behavior, as well as that of the Rogue sitting close enough to me that we could easily have been sharing chairs. Now that I knew what to look for, it was obvious: the phosphorescent drinks that Tycho (who had subsequently turned his over to Wedge) and I had been given were drugged.

And not just any drug either. A diluted version was sold in the semi-legal markets under the name Moon’s Lust and was a rather potent aphrodisiac. The pure version -- which I had no doubt that was what was in our systems -- was a favorite among the Vipers and has some rather ugly, not to mention unpredictable, side effects.

There was only one thought on my mind at that moment: getting both myself and Wedge out of the rather public dining room without drawing more attention to ourselves than we already had. Oh, boy. Is this gonna be fun, I thought.

I looked around the room, trying to find a suitable exit; there was a curtained-off balcony close by: perfect. I didn’t think it would be much of a problem getting the hot and bothered Wedge to go with me; but it was going to be an issue to get one or more of the Rogues to follow us.

I asked myself which ones would be willing to risk angering Wedge when he was in his current mood. I smirked to myself as I realized the obvious answer: Wes, of course. Probably Tycho, Corran and Hobbie, too, depending on how clearly I informed them of the current trouble without alarming anyone else at the table.

Corran’s amusement had turned to full-blown unease and he was staring openly at Wedge. I leaned my head on Wedge’s shoulder in an attempt to get the other Corellian’s attention; he narrowed his green eyes at me and I got the distinct impression that he didn’t like me very much at that moment. I glanced quickly over at the balcony and back, hoping Corran would get the hint. Tycho noticed and lifted his eyebrows teasingly; I rolled my eyes and gave up on those two.

I was still trying to control my own body’s reactions when I grasped Wedge’s roaming hand by the wrist on its way to my panties, the frustratingly tight grip causing him to hiss at me which captured Wes’ attention. I stood as nonchalantly as I could, pulling Wedge up with me and headed toward the heavy curtain that marked the balcony entrance.

On my way past Hobbie, I laid a hand on his shoulder and squeezed gently, hoping my escort wouldn’t see. A deep snarl from the General earned more than a few surprised gazes and told me my attempt to be subtle had failed miserably. On the plus side, however, he did manage to alert the rest of the Squadron that he was currently not quite himself.

I tried to shake the fog my brain was in as we parted the curtain and stepped onto the balcony. The unmistakable sounds of a large group having dinner were cut off and silence fell as the heavy barrier closed again. I looked around briefly to discover we were alone in a spacious glass enclosure high above the city, benches lining the edges.

Wedge turned on me instantly, pulling me against his body and wrapping my awareness in a deeply passionate kiss. My back was to the dining room and I barely heard the clamor of dinner and subsequent return of silence that marked another arrival.

Wes’ imitation of Tycho clearing his throat was almost drowned out by Hobbie’s anxious voice asking if everything was ok. Wedge released my lips long enough to growl at his more troublesome subordinates just as Tycho and Corran stepped through the curtain.

I said a silent prayer that his growl hadn’t been loud enough to be heard at the closer tables. I did not like the General’s reactions to the drug but I was having enough trouble controlling myself when all I really wanted was for the two of us to be alone so we could...

Even if I had wanted to, trying to help keep him calm was definitely beyond my capabilities at the moment. I tightened my grip on his waist with one arm and gently stroked his cheek with the back of my other hand. I spoke softly to him, capturing his eyes with mine and ignoring the others. "Sssshhhh. I’m right here."

"If I didn’t know better, I would swear they were drunk," Corran snorted.

"Or drugged," Tycho realized.

I nodded confirmation and glanced briefly at Wes, "Moon’s Lust. Pure." It has a scientific name but I had always had a hard enough time remembering what it was even when I was clear-headed and I doubted they would recognize it anyway.

Wes confirmed with a "Sithspit!!" that he had indeed heard of the stuff. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see his smirk as he spoke with Tycho, "No wonder they’ve been acting this way. Moon’s Lust is a pretty potent aphrodisiac; I’m not sure about the pure form, but I would guess it’s even more powerful."

An uncharacteristic chuckle escaped Hobbie. "Why am I not surprised that Wes is familiar with this drug?" he asked sardonically.

Tycho shifted uncomfortably, "We should probably get them out of here and back to headquarters before they do something stupid." I shook my head vehemently at that suggestion and Wedge added his own thoughts with a deep-throated snarl. Neither of us was up to traversing a room full of people till the drug wore off.

Wedge resumed his nibbling, starting with my ears and working down my neck and shoulders. I responded in kind, moaning and pulling him tighter against me with the hand that had found its way around his neck and into his hair. I began my own explorations, kissing his ears and throat when I could catch my breath.

Wes was obviously enjoying the humor in the situation, "Well, we could just leave them here and not let anyone interrupt."

Corran rolled his eyes, "Only Wes would suggest something like that."

I pulled away enough to glare at all of them but I never got the chance to respond. Wedge passed out almost bearing me to the floor before Wes and Hobbie could catch us. The terrible twosome managed to get us to one of the benches where I sat, holding Wedge protectively, unwilling and unable to release him.

Tycho approached and kneeled beside us. The Alderaanian’s blue eyes were watching me warily, his soft voice full of concern. "Sandy, we need to know more about what’s happening. Can you tell us?"

I closed my eyes and tightened my grip on Wedge, the drug bringing out the worst of my possessive traits. I heard the curtain again open and close. I looked up to find that Luke had joined us and was now kneeling next to Tycho, Corran still beside the curtain to ensure we didn’t receive any unwanted guests.

The Jedi addressed Tycho but was watching me, "Tino said I should probably check on the situation out here. He said we should keep them calm and isolated but under no circumstances were they to be sedated. Something about a drug interaction." I nodded confirmation and understanding.

Luke looked around, "Tych, I also think that your absences have been noticed."

Tycho nodded, "Wes, Corran, you should probably go back in. We’ll rotate through the squadron, two at a time." They nodded and left quietly. He turned back to Luke, "Did Tino happen to tell you how long this stuff will last?"

Luke shrugged, "Twenty-four to forty-eight hours, depending on dosage."

Hobbie snorted, "That doesn’t help us much. How are we going to get them through a room full of people like this? Someone is bound to notice Wedge is unconscious and Sandy has a death grip on him."

Wedge moaned and Luke reached out to put a hand on his shoulder. I tightened my grip further and snarled at the Jedi. He stiffened and blinked at me in surprise but dropped his hand back to his side.

Hobbie was still sitting at my side, the only one so far to escape my wrath. "Sandy, no one is going to take him away from you. We just want to be sure he is ok," he told me reassuringly as he put an arm around my shoulders.

I nodded and leaned into the mournful pilot, relaxing my grip on Wedge enough so that he could breath without difficulty. The thought that he would most likely have sore, if not bruised, ribs by morning flashed briefly across my mind.

"I’ve got an idea," Luke spoke up. "The meal should be over shortly and everyone will head back towards the reception hall. The dinning room has a back exit that we can use to take them up to my apartment."

Tycho nodded, "Sounds good but what do we do with them then? Not to mention, I don’t think she is going to be very cooperative getting her across the room, especially if we can’t sedate them."

Luke smiled slightly, "Leave that to me." He reached out to me and I flinched back away from him. Undaunted, he moved forward and placed his hand on my temple. A wave of calm wash over me as my awareness faded.

To be Continued...

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