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My Month with the Gods
Part Twenty-Four
by Banshee

This time I awoke slowly, the combined smell of shampoo, soap and hint of cologne identifying the warm presence alongside me as Wedge. I sat up and looked around finding I was back in my quarters. Wedge was sleeping peacefully and I noted with a smile that he had again lost his dress jacket.

The last few days came back to me in a rush and I realized I was still wearing the gown from the state dinner; I moaned and shook my head, embarrassed. I climbed out of bed and quickly changed into workout pants and an old shirt, relieved to finally be back in comfortable clothes.

Hearing voices, I padded into the living area. Tycho was sitting in a chair with his black undertunic lying on his lap and a cloth held against this neck. His jacket was thrown across the back of the chair; spots of blood standing out in sharp contrast on the white material.

Alarmed, I started toward him but he stopped me with an outstretched hand. "That's close enough," he warned, looking like he wanted to bolt.

Luke came in from the kitchen, wrapping ice in another towel. He chuckled, "It's ok, Tych. I think I managed to completely purge their systems this time."

Corran's voice rang out from the 'fresher. "Found it!" he yelled as he came in carrying a small med-pack. He gave me a lopsided smirk as he perched on the arm of the blond Rogue's chair and began rummaging through the kit.

I watched from a distance as Luke and Corran began a mumbled conversation. The Jedi appeared to be explaining something to the pilot, who replaced the cloth with the improvised ice pack.

Tycho glanced uncomfortably between the pair, "No offense, guys, but why do I have to serve as your test patient?"

"At least Winter left this morning so you won't have to explain everything to her," Corran commented as Wedge entered the room.

Luke grinned, "Although explaining it to Wes should prove... entertaining."

"Please, just kill me now," Tycho moaned.

"Sandy, I would appreciate it if, in the future, you didn't try to _eat_ my second in command," Wedge teased.

I was relieved that he didn't seem to be angry with me for trying to seduce one of his best friends, in front of him, no less. I slid my arms around his waist and snuggled up to him. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean..." I could feel heat rising in my cheeks. "Did I mention how unpredictable Xocite can be?" I asked sheepishly, knowing it was a rather lame excuse.

He nodded, smirking wickedly. "You could've at least picked someplace a little less... noticeable. I would have."

Corran's chuckle covered up the sound of mine, Luke's and Tycho's jaws hitting the floor. "Never met a Corellian yet who didn't have a tendency to play rough."

Tycho stood, "That's it. I'm out of here. Luke, let me know when you're _sure_ that stuff has worn off."

Luke and Corran grabbed the Alderaanian's shoulders and pushed him back down in the chair. "Keep your shirt on," Luke deadpanned to a chorus of groans. Tycho heaved a resigned sigh and sank back into the chair, grumbling something about his CO trying to feed him to his girlfriend.

The room became rather quiet as Luke and Corran resumed work on Tycho's wound. When I tried to get a better view, the blond pilot again raised his hand, indicating I should stay where I was. He was still watching me guardedly, splitting his wary attention among the four of us in the room with him.

Wedge pulled me close and asked in a soft voice, "How much longer do you think that stuff is going to last?"

I smiled, "Don't worry, Luke said he purged our systems. I didn't realize how handy it is to have a Jedi around."

He moaned softly, resting his head on my shoulder. "Are you sure? That's the same thing he said when I woke up in his apartment and look how that turned out. I was feeling fine, a little loopy maybe, but otherwise ok until we got on that lift."

"I'm sure," I replied. He lifted his face and raised his eyebrows questioningly so I explained. "Well, first... We're standing here cuddling and managing to stay civilized about it." My gazed traveled across the room to where Tycho was, still wearing only his pants and boots. "And second, I don't feel an overwhelming desire to finish what I started in the lift." I gave Wedge my best imitation Corellian grin, "At least, not with him, anyway."

He chuckled and kissed me on the nose. "Maybe later, after everyone else has cleared out."

"You sure are being understanding about..." I nodded toward Tycho.

Wedge glanced uncertainly at Luke then ducked his head and I caught just a hint of a blush. "You didn't see what was going on behind your back."

My laugh startled poor Tycho so bad he nearly jumped out of his skin. Corran shot me a look as Luke scolded him about maintaining his concentration.

I returned Wedge's kiss and pulled him over to the couch to sit down, ignoring Tycho's protests. I leaned against Wedge and rested my head on his shoulder, watching the makeshift medical staff.

To be Continued...

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