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My Month with the Gods
Part Nine
by Banshee

Shopping with Mirax proved to be a treat. She had wonderful taste and a nose for good deals. From what I had heard, that was how she made a living. It didn't take long to find the assorted gifts I wanted to send home to family and friends.

After lunch, we stopped by Mirax's ship, the Pulsar Skate, to drop off the gifts I had purchased. She had a run planned in the same sector as Jovan and would be stopping by to deliver the packages to my family. I immediately fell in love the freighter and she was happy to show it off to an appreciative audience.

Finally, we turned our attention to ourselves. The Rogues had been invited to a state dinner in a few days and as a temporary member, that invitation extended to me as well. I had been planning on wearing my dress uniform since I had not brought anything else that would be considered appropriate. Mirax assured me, however, that since I was not formally a member of the squadron or representing Jovan, I had the option of wearing an evening gown instead.

I got the feeling as we began picking out dresses that she had an ulterior motive in mind. We both choose gowns that were elegant, but my tastes tended to be rather conservative while the gowns she wanted me to try on were a little more seductive in nature.

We finally settled on something in between. My gown was a dark gray, almost black, that brought out my gray-green eyes, the clingy material shimmering as I moved. The bodice was low cut and showed more cleavage than I was used to and the long skirt was slitted up one side to mid-thigh giving observers a good view of my legs as I walked. The entire effect was more feminine than the gowns I usually wore and accentuated my trim, athletic build rather nicely.

Mirax?s gown was of a similar design but a dark gold that set off her jet-black hair and dark eyes. I let her choose the accessories, my only caveat being that the shoes had to be comfortable enough to walk in.

By this time, it was early evening and Narawa's wife, Rysati Ynr, had planned a dinner for the squadron at a little restaurant near the base. We arranged for the purchases to be delivered and set off for the cafe?.

Continued in Part Ten