Birthday Challenge
It's Alive! Part 1/4: Cockpit Fever
Author: Holly

"I don't know why he had to bring you along," said Hobbie, replacing the bacta patch on his left thigh.

The unblinking eyes stared back insolently at the blonde pilot.

"I think you've become his mascot, his significant other. I have a sneaking suspicion he cuddles you in bed at night."

The accused sat rigidly with a glazed expression planted on its furry features.

"You and Janson, the terrible twosome," sighed Hobbie as he adjusted the party hat perched atop his companion's head.

"So much for meeting up with Wedge and the others to celebrate the anniversary of the Emperor's demise. Here we are in a broken down shuttle with rapidly dwindling rations," Hobbie paused to take a bite from his slice of cold pepperoni pizza, "And Janson's been gone for a couple of hours now. Surely we're not that far away from civilization."

Hobbie leaned back in the pilot's chair to stretch his legs in the cramped cockpit, wincing as his injury ached in complaint. His short friend continued to stare out of the transparisteel viewport as the comlink's bleeping interrupted Hobbie's quiet chewing.

He dropped the pizza and thumbed the comlink. "Hobbie here,"

"Hobbs, it's ...anson. I've ...ound a ......... echani..... be there ....... with .... don't have any .... but we can ...... and beer ..... and I've ..... transport ..... anoth... hour or so."

"Janson, there's too much static, can you repeat that?"

The comlink fizzled and hissed like tauntaun steaks on a barbeque. "....ang on, Hobbs. I won't be ..... just a ..... hours." The comlink went dead.

Hobbie sighed and reached for the pizza again, but screwed his face up in disgust at the congealed cheese. "Great. Hours."

He glanced sideways at the prone lieutenant sitting in the co-pilot's seat. "And, as usual, it's worse than that. I'm talking to a stuffed Ewok. I must be going mad."

Hobbie's eyes widened in fear as he swore he saw Kettch smirking and nodding in reply.

Continued in Part Two