Birthday Challenge
It's Alive! Part 2/4: Whodunnit?
by Holly

Wedge burst into the briefing room, his eyes blazing in anger as he hauled Janson to his feet by his collar. "You're in for it this time, Janson!"

"Hey! What did I do?" protested the pilot as he tried to bat Wedge's hands away.

"I put up with all your pranks, Janson, even the omnipresent stuffed Ewok, with more grace and understanding than any of our squadron mates whom you so inappropriately victimised. I occasionally see the funny side of them, and have been known to play my own revenge pranks."

At this last statement Janson cringed at the memory of nakedness and Ewok food.

"But," Wedge continued, waggling an admonishing finger in Janson's face, "You have gone too far this time."

Janson shrugged helplessly. "Wedge, I don't know what you're talking about. I've been a good boy recently."

Wedge released his iron grip on Janson's flightsuit and the Taanabian fell back into his seat. "But who else would attack Fluffy?"

"Fluffy?" echoed Janson questioningly.

"My, er, stuffed Bantha toy," said Wedge with an embarrassed cough and a reddish tinge to his cheeks.

"You have a stuffed Bantha." came the flat reply; not a query, but a test of the sentence to see if it made more sense out loud than in Janson's head.

"It wasn't you who ripped Fluffy's stitching and pulled his stuffing out?"

"Of course not! I respect the bond between a man and his stuffed toy."

Wedge began to counter the smirk that threatened to undermine Janson's mask of sincerity, but Hobbie thundered into the room shouting for Wedge's assistance.

"Wedge! I think we have a problem." said Hobbie with a hint of panic underlying his usual moroseness..

"Have you eaten all the cake for this evening's postponed celebration?" joked Janson.

Hobbie shook his head mournfully. "It's Kettch."

"He's been attacked?" asked Wedge in the hope of finding the mystery toy-mutilator.

"No, it's worse than that." Hobbie slowly turned around as he heard the padding of little footsteps outside the door. "He's alive!" he whispered, and then screamed as Kettch waddled into the room, shaking with maniacal Ewok laughter, vibroblade in one paw and the maimed remains of Fluffy in the other.

Continued in Part Three