Now What
Part Two
by Arwen

Wedge led the Rogues and Wraiths into the atmosphere of Yavin IV and down, until they landed on the courtyard in front of the Great Temple.

"Everyone stay put for now," Wedge said. He popped the canopy seal and climbed out of the X-wing. He swung over the side of the cockpit and dropped to the stone-floored courtyard. Something odd caught his eye, and he peered at the stones themselves. There seemed to be slash marks of some kind across them, along with many scuffmarks. Why shouldn't there be scuffmarks? The courtyard must be thousands of years old! Why is this unsettling me? Wedge realized why: the scuffmarks were recent- he could see where, in mud caked along one of the stones, there was a visible and obvious footprint. There are people here! Wedge thought with a start. He stood and looked around. A man was standing on the edge of the courtyard, in the shadow of the huge doorway into the Great Temple. Wedge walked over to him.

"Who are you?" the man asked.

"My name is Wedge Antilles. Me and my companions have been sent by the New Republic-"


"We have been sent to reestablish the military base here at Yavin IV. How many people are living here? Is it just you, or are there others?"

The man sighed. "There are a few others here, Antilles. My kind was nearly exterminated by the Emperor and those that are left came here, to lie low so that our numbers can go up. My name is Solusar, by the way."

"I can guarantee you that you have nothing to fear from me or anyone else representing the New Republic-"

"We thought that we had nothing to fear from anyone from the Old Republic, too."

Wedge started. The bitterness in the man's tone was greater than anything Wedge had heard in a long time. Who is this man? Who are his people? What did the Empire do to them, and why? Wedge wondered.

"Tell your companions to get out of their craft and come."

Wedge gestured to the others to come. Over the sound of twenty-odd canopy seals popping, Wedge said, "Who are your people Solusar?"

"I am not at liberty to discuss that at this time, Antilles," Solusar said.

Well isn't that interesting? Wedge thought as the others came up behind him. He explained what he knew of the situation in a few words to the others, then returned his attention to Solusar. Solusar said, "The others are still considering what to do. Please follow me." Wedge and the others traipsed into the Temple and up a staircase into the second level. "You have the run of this level, but only this level. Please stay on this level. Excuse me, I must go." With those words, Solusar walked away.

"What do you think is going on, Wedge?" Tycho asked.

"I don't know, and I'm feeling more than a little uneasy about it. What all is on this level?"

The Rogues and Wraiths wandered around, looking in all of the rooms, finding bedrooms with enough beds for all of them, and a few 'fresher stations. Wedge took the liberty of using one of these. As he did, he looked down at himself, noting the slackness. How long has it been? Wedge wondered. A few months at least, and even then…the people at the brothel just don't compare to my true love. Aaahh, Luke, how I miss you! I miss the smell of your hair and the feel of your hot chest against mine. I miss how you made me feel! Seven years, it had been, since Luke had died at Endor. The bitter knife of grief stabbed into Wedge's gut. Wedge still remembered their last time with perfect clarity…

They had both known that they might never hold each other again, that one or both of them might be killed. So right before the Tydirium had launched, they'd held each other all the more tightly, fucked all the more passionately. Taking turns being on top, burying their cocks deeply into the other's warm moist sheath, while rubbing the other's.

"I love you," Luke had whispered into Wedge's ear.

"I love you, too," Wedge had whispered back. "I want to hold you forever, Luke!"

"I will hold you forever, Wedge. By the Force, I will! For all eternity!!" Luke nibbled on Wedge's ear as he murmured his professions of love…

But he hadn't held him for eternity. Wedge himself had probably settled that. It was after the battle that Wedge had found out that, for whatever reason, Luke had boarded the Death Star with the intent of challenging Vader and the Emperor. There he had died. Had he died at Vader and Palpatine's hands before the Death Star blew from Wedge's own torpedoes? Or had Wedge been responsible for his lover's death? Part of Wedge prayed that the truth was the first, while another part of him found the idea that Vader and Palpatine were capable of killing his Luke something akin to black heresy. Shaking his head out of memory lane, Wedge finished his business and went out to find the others.

Upstairs in the main audience chamber, Luke shook his head as well. I hurt you bad, didn't I, Wedge? I told you that I would hold you for eternity and then I vanished, leaving you nothing but a feeling that you had killed me! What kind of true lover am I to hurt you like that? You deserve someone better than me! Whatever happened, Luke vowed that he would find a way to see Wedge again, if for no other reason than to wash Wedge's unfounded guilt from him. But will he even recognize me? I am not the man I was then. Luke's face was crisscrossed with scars from the Emperor's dark Force lightning, and he had removed his prosthetic right hand and attached it to his father's severed stump, as the broken wires in his father's stump were decidedly more decidedly more delicate than exposed flesh that would heal, to some extent. I will hold you again, Wedge Antilles! Luke vowed silently.


"Oh, my- Hey! Come look at this!"

The pilots came to see what Hobbie's this was. This was outside the window in one of the rooms. It appeared to be two people, who were carrying…

"Sithspit, are those lightsabers?7quot; Tycho breathed.

"Solusar said that his kind were nearly exterminated and that they'd thought that they could trust the Republic, but they'd found that they couldn't. Remember, Palpatine used to a Senator," Kell Tainer observed.

Lightsabers! Jedi! I wonder if… Angrily Wedge shook the thought from his head. He'd almost lost it right after Endor, and it had taken him two years to get back to normal. He couldn't lose it now; the Rogues and Wraiths needed him, depended on him! He could not blind himself with hope that Luke had somehow survived.


"Who is outside dueling?" Luke asked, interrupting Brakiss, who had been speaking. "Our guests have noticed them and have come to the correct conclusion."

"I will go see," Anakin said, rising. "And I shall bring them back here."

Corran Horn stood. "Master, if I may offer a suggestion?"

Luke nodded. "Please, continue."

"Master, Tyria Sarkin and I are both well known to our guests. As they now know that they are in the company of Jedi, I see no harm in allowing them to meet us. Also, they may have come up with an idea of what to do. After all, they know the current political climate better than any of us could have, their opinions should be sought."

Kam Solusar stood. "I concur, Master."

"Very well. Tyria, Corran, please go inquire after our guests&uqot; Luke dismissed them with a wave of his hand and the two Jedi walked out.


They were talking about the Jedi and just how interesting this assignment had turned out to be, when Corran and Tyria walked in. Rather, Corran walked in, Tyria ran. Right into Kell's arms.

"Huh? Tyria? Tyria!" Kell said, his confusion quickly turning to joy as he hugged his wife. Ooryl, who was closest to Corran, drew him into a hug and said, "I am very glad to see you, Corran!" His statement was immediately seconded by the other Rogues and Wraiths, and was repeated to Tyria as well.

Wedge gaped. "Corran?"

"Hi, Wedge. How have you been doing? Oh my. General? What was the Council smoking?"

"Hahahaha. Very funny."

" Corran? Tyria? Are we right about who the people here are?" Inyri asked.

"What do you think about the people here?" Tyria asked by way of reply.



"How many Jedi are there here?" Wedge asked.

Corran shook his head. "Not very many, Wedge, Palpatine and Vader did a very good job of eradicating the Jedi."

Tycho, not realizing that he was pouring salt in Wedge's still painful wounds, said, "There used to be someone in the Rogues who was kind of a half-Jedi."

"Really? Who?" Corran asked, obviously curious.

"His name was Luke Skywalker. Actually he just wasn't one of the Rogues, he founded the squadron. He was killed at Endor."

Corran blinked. Master Skywalker was a Rogue? And he was "killed" at Endor? Now isn't that interesting? Reaching out with the Force to talk to Master Skywalker, Corran asked him what he should say to that statement.

Tell them that I survived and that I'm here. I'll fill in the rest of the story myself. Master Skywalker sent back.

"Luke Skywalker?" Corran said. "He wasn't killed at Endor, Tych."


"He survived and he's here."

"Luke's alive?!" Wedge asked.

"Yes, he's alive. He was a Rogue?" Corran looked at Tyria. "Did he tell you that?" he asked.

"No, he sure didn't," she responded, equally startled at this revelation.

"Yes, he was a Rogue. He fought at Yavin, Derra IV, Hoth, and Gall. He went missing at Endor-" Tycho was cut off by Face's curiosity.

"He didn't fight at Endor?" Face asked. "I mean, you said he went missing at Endor,-"

"He fought at Endor, Face, but not in an X-wing," Corran replied for Tycho.

" Oh."

"Corran, Tyria, go get him. Now. The Rogues are going to have a reunion with their prodigal son…or at any rate, with their prodigal father," Hobbie said. "Those of us that remember him have to see him again!"

"Oh-ok, I'll go get him." Tyria said. She walked out.

I am going to see Luke again! He's not dead! Wedge mentally enthused. Then his mental joy turned to anger. How could he have done that to me?! Just left me alone like that, just left me thinking that I had killed him!

As he walked down the hallway behind Tyria, Luke was thinking as well. What am I going to say to Wedge? I hurt him so badly! How can I beg for his forgiveness?

Luke walked into the room. "Luke!" chorused four voices, one of them strained.

"Wes! Hobbie! Tych! Wedge!" Luke said by way of reply. Luke hugged each of them, one after the other. It was Tycho who noticed that there was something odd about Luke. There is something odd about him, but what is it? I know that when he hugged me, there seemed to be something missing… Then it occurred to him. Luke's right hand. It's not there!

"Uh…Luke…your hand its, uh…"

"Yes, Tycho. It ahem came off."

They chatted back and forth for some time, while Wedge sat on the windowsill and gaped at Luke. His Luke. Mutilated! It wasn't just the fact that his right arm ended in a stump, it was also the hideous scars that crisscrossed Luke's face, and in fact every portion of his skin that Wedge could see. It made Wedge want to vomit, the hideousness of Luke's appearance now, the white lines that marred Luke's angelic face, ruining his looks. Wedge wanted to cradle that marred head in his hand, to stroke the scars, to ask where they had come from, to feel Luke next to him.

"Luke, is there any food in this joint?" Wes asked, "'Cause I am very hungry!"

Luke laughed. "Yes, Wes, we do have food. Come on, you all can eat."

Luke led them up the stairs and into a large room that was filled with trestle tables flanked by benches. At one side, there was a bar. Through the bar, Wedge could see a kitchen, with numerous pots on the stove. He could smell cooking food and his stomach rumbled. The Rogues and Wraiths descended on that food, eating as if they had never eaten before. Luke grabbed a bowl of stew and cup of water and sat at the corner of the table, next to Wedge. Wedge, wanting to feel Luke again, grabbed Luke under the table. The feel of Luke's cock, even through his rough homespun robe, made Wedge feel whole again. He felt Luke's hand close around his, and he looked up into Luke's face. "I'm sorry, Wedge. I hurt you badly when I left like that, and I'm sorry," Luke said softly, staring into Wedge's eyes. Wedge could hear the sincerity in Luke's tone, the pain. He gazed into those twin crystal pools and wanted to hold Luke tight against him, to feel Luke in him. "Soon, Wedge. Tonight, we shall be truly reunited," Luke whispered to him.

Wedge had made sure that he slept in a room by himself. He decided to freshen up before Luke arrived, so he took a shower. While he was still bathing, however, he heard the door to the `fresher open. He peeked out from behind the curtain to see Luke. "Luke! Come on, join me!"

Luke stripped and climbed into the shower with Wedge. The two men held each other tightly and touched each other in the hot mist of the shower stall. Wedge grabbed Luke with both hands and began stimulating him, rubbing his hands gently up and down. He felt Luke harden in his hands. Wanting to feel Luke in him again, Wedge turned around and spread his legs. He felt Luke slide into him, and he moaned in pleasure. It felt so good to feel Luke within him again, to feel Luke's hard, throbbing cock up him. Luke's one good hand came around his hips, grabbed him and began to rub Wedge in such a way that caused ecstasy. And that is only with one hand! If he still had two… the thought faded away in the face of the ecstasy that filled him. Wedge heard himself moaning in pleasure and screaming, "Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't stop!" as loud as he could as Luke thrust and rubbed all the more. He felt Luke's entire body tense, coil up as his cock writhed within him. The hard slap of Luke's orgasm in him made Wedge gasp in pleasure. "Luke! Do that again!"

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door outside and a voice saying, "Master? Are you in there?"

Luke sighed in vexation. He nibbled on Wedge's ear and said, "I'll be right back." He slipped out of Wedge, grabbed his robe, tied it around his waist in such a way as to hide the fact that he was very much aroused and went out into the hall to find Dorsk 81 standing there anxiously. "Yes, what is it Dorsk?" Luke asked, making an effort to keep his voice level.

"Master, I- oh! um…I'll tell you later," he stuttered.

"You do that!" Luke said. With a sigh, he slipped back into the `fresher. In the shower, he discovered white fluid all over the walls. "Wedge! You came without me!" Luke was hurt, and he knew that it showed.

Wedge looked at him levelly, "No I didn't Luke. I haven't come yet."

"Then what is all that?" Luke pointed to the stained walls of the shower.

Wedge blushed in embarrassment. "I-uh, I farted, Luke."


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