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Challenge 11
Hey, CorSec!
by Commander Wedge

The day had started out ordinarily enough, breakfast with Ooryl and Gavin in the Chow Hall of The Echoes of Endor that was reserved for the Rogues, then some downtime to himself which he spent in his quarters, alone, recording a hololetter to Mirax - Force he missed her; many of his waking moments were spent thinking of his wife. Wedge often chided him about it in the sims when he would be vaped, telling him to keep his mind on his work and not his wife, usually following it with "If you don’t treat my ‘sister’ well, I’ll let Booster know." After sending the encrypted hololetter to the Pulsar Skate, where Corran was sure that Mirax would see it soon, he headed for the Rogue’s gym on board ship: he spent the next couple of hours practicing with his grandfather’s lightsaber and working out on his unarmed combat skills against Wes Janson who repeatedly and decisively defeated him. Corran showered and headed back to his quarters he shared with his wingmate Ooryl to read his latest issue of ‘The Galaxy Inquirer’; he had just settled back on his bunk when the ship-wide alert sounded, the klaxons blaring through the corridors.

Tossing his datapad onto his bunk, he pulled his boots back on and dashed out the door on the heels of his wingmate heading towards the Rogue’s hanger. Sprinting across the floor of the hanger bay, he scrambled up the ladder placed against the side of his X-Wing that was painted, not in the traditional red of Rogue Squadron but in the green and black of Corellian Security, or CorSec. Pulling on his flight helmet as he slipped into his pilot’s couch, he instructed his R2 "Whistler, run the pre-flight power up sequence." With his helmet firmly secured on his head, he flipped the proper progression of switches to power up his repulsors and engines as Whistler’s "Pre-flight finished - ready to fly," scrolled across his HUD screen. In his ear he heard Wedge ask for the squad’s readiness - when his turn came he called into the helmet’s microphone, "Nine has four lit and in the green, Lead."

When Wedge gave the command, Corran brought his X-Wing up on its repulsors, followed the rest of the Rogues out through the Echoes’ magnetic containment field, then fired up his engines and joined his flight led by Wes Janson.

"Listen up people," he heard Wedge command over the squadron’s frequency, "This is not a drill - repeat - this is not a drill; those TIEs out there are from the planet below, the one supposedly friendly towards the New Republic - they belong to Grand Moff Straagg and they mean business - break by flights and engage, Leader out."

The furball went well for all the Rogues except Corran who was knocked out of the fight during the initial minutes of combat when his engines were put out of commission, during a lapse in his concentration, by a well placed laser shot from one of the TIEs just before it was turned into space dust by Janson.

Nawara Ven, in the Rogue’s rescue shuttle, towed Corran and Whistler back to the Echoes where Corran sat in X-Wing for many long minutes thinking of how close he had come to be coming one with the Force this time out and never seeing Mirax again. His reverie was broken by Wes’ voice taunting him over his comm, "Corran," Wes said in all seriousness, "You can let go of your ‘stick’ now."


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