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Challenge 11
A Rogue Day at the Beach
by Lyta "Jaded" Antilles

"We need a day off," declared Lyta ‘Jaded’ Skywalker- Antilles, as she threw the data pad containing yet another report on the mission to Adumar on the table.

Wedge Antilles looked up from his own report to study his new wife, "We can take some time off after we get through these reports Jaded," he explained to her as she approached his desk.

Wes and Leda Janson glanced up from their own reports on Adumar to watch the exchange between their friends. Jaded strolled past them, reaching out and removing their data pads from their hands, and from the others in the room as she walked up to Wedge’s desk. "No Wedge, we need a day off - Now - today," she told him as she took his data pad and, along with the others, she dropped them all in a drawer of his desk and locked it. "I think a day at the beach is what we all could use," she stated firmly, the look on her face set.

"Jaded, we don’t have the time…" he began, looking around the room at Wes, Leda, Tycho & Hobbie for support, and finding exhaustion on the faces of his friends, and fellow Rogues; shaking his head, he gave in, "The beach it is," he said, "Force help the marine life."


Wedge, Tycho, Corran, Myn and their wives sat together along with Leda, and Tyr’ara Jinn-Klivian on the beach watching as Wes was attempting to not only teach Gavin how to swim, but also attempting to teach Hobbie how to boogie board.

Leda laughed around her ice cream as her brother once again fell off the boogie board, this time finding a way to take Gavin under with him. "Watch it Wes, Hobbs’ll be after you next," she shouted as Wes called a halt to the lessons and led a water logged Hobbie Klivian and Gavin Darklighter out of the water and up onto the beach where the others were basking in the sun.

Wes laughed as he sat in the sand next to his pregnant wife, looking over at Jaded who was just starting to show her pregnancy and Wedge, "Look at the size of that thing," he said as he stared at the popsicle Jaded was eating.

Jaded glared at her husband’s best friend, "Watch it Janson, I have no reason not to shoot you," she exclaimed mockingly as her children, Zena and Jagged Skywalker-Antilles ran up, followed closely by the oldest Janson child Kyle and being trailed by Kev Klivian. They were all eating cotton candy, Zena, Jagged and Kyle sharing bits of theirs with the Ewoks - Emote, Emic and Clutch - who also happened to be soaking wet from playing in the water.

Hobbie returned from getting his very pregnant wife, Try’ara, a corn dog when Kyle dropped his cotton candy on Wes.

Wes jumped up sputtering, and trying not to yell at his son, as the sticky mess dripped down his chest. Myn, sitting next to his wife, T’Shara Jade-Donos, who was also in the late stages of her pregnancy, was laughing, "Hey Wes, you can’t look dignified when you’re having fun," he said, sending the entire group into gales of laughter.


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