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Challenge 16
by Banshee

Wes shielded his face against the bright sunlight and looked around the beach then over at his companion. Hobbie had his eyes closed and was stretched out on the blanket they shared, enjoying the lazy summer afternoon.

"Now?" Wes asked.

Hobbie opened an eye and frowned, "No, not now."

Wes took another look around. They were alone so he shrugged and lay back down, snuggling against the taller pilot's side.

**five minutes later**

"Now?" Wes repeated.

Hobbie's only reaction was "No. Not. Now."

**two minutes later**

Hobbie had just drifted off to sleep when Wes spoke again. "Now???" he asked plaintively.

The blond Rogue was beginning to get annoyed with his wing mate's impatience. "No. Not. Now!"

**a minute later**

"Now?" Wes whined.

Hobbie glanced at his wrist chrono and sighed theatrically, "Okay, now."

Wes jumped to his feet and ran toward the water yelling, "Woohoo!"

Hobbie just watched as his playful friend splashed in the surf. "I hope you get cramps," he grumbled as he sat up and began rummaging through their nearly empty picnic basket.


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