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Challenge 16
The second reply
by Banshee

Everything was quiet. Too quiet.

"Now?" Wes' voice over the comm made Wedge jump.

"No, not now." came Luke's steady reply. Wedge was still amazed at how calm and collected the young would-be Jedi had become since Yavin.

**five minutes later**

"Now?" This time from Hobbie.

Luke shook his head and replied "No. Not. Now." And Kenobi teased him about patience. There were times when he wished some aspects of Jedi training were mandatory for Rebel fighter pilots. The image of Wes turned loose with a lightsaber killed that thought pretty quickly.

**two minutes later**

Everyone had just settled back down when: "Now???" Zev asked plaintively.

"No. Not. Now!" came a pair of simultaneous voices: Wedge, and Tycho's. Luke started to hide a smirk but then remembered he was in his cockpit and no one could see him anyway.

**a minute later**

Luke was practicing a Force calming exercise when the Imperial Star Destroyer reverted right on time, exactly where Intel said it would be.

"l;Now?" came Dack's whiney voice.

Luke sighed and lighted his engines. "Okay, now."

The twelve Rogue Squadron X-wings shot towards their prey. "Woohoo!" was heard from a number of comms, drowning out their leader's command of "Lock S-foils in attack position."


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