Fic Challenges

Challenge 1
200 Words or Less
Must feature Pilot Boys (or girls, I guess? I don't know...)
Must start with these words : "What do you mean we don't have any left?"

Challenge 2
Pilot Surveys

Challenge 3
500 - 2000 words
Wedge's POV
include chocolate, a reference to Wal-Mart, and the line "Pretty, what do we blow up first?"

Birthday Challenge
party hats
stuffed ewok
a broken down Lambda-class suttle
no-working comlinks
Hobbie saying "It's worse than that."

Challenge 5: Proposed by Wedge
Your mission, if you choose to accept it is to write a story featuring your favorite Rogues, Wraiths and/or other Star Wars characters - however there is a catch, you have to use a classic fairy tale or children's story and substitute the SW characters for the characters in the story. So far I can't think of a word limit so go for it.

Challenge 6: Proposed by Jaded
Wedge's Life Day is the 23rd of January. The challenge is the following, a life day party for Wedge, and either Wes, Hobbie, Tycho or all 3 have to give Wedge a lap dance for his birthday.

Challenge 7: Proposed by Jaded
2000 words, include Corran and a Gungun Droid named Noc Noc, and include this paragraph: NOC NOC ran into the kitchen waving a pair of Corran's underwear behind her like a flag. "Where yousa going?" she cried, entering the room. "Meesa gets a cutie lightsaber pairs of underrobes!" she looked doleful.. "Why yousa wear the stinka banthas?"

Challenge 8: Proposed by Arwen
Write a story involving: A museum
A Rogue or Wraith
Stale coffee at an overpriced cafe
The line, "Excuse me, could you direct me to the nearest 'fresher station?"

Challenge 9: Proposed by Ili
Requirements: Our favorites pilots on World 3
No length specified.

Challenge 10: Proposed by AJ
Requirements: Write a less-than-1000-word fic including - - Spike in orange - one or more of the Rogues/Wraiths - a gold bikini - an empty bottle - the line "Next time they can send holos."

Challenge 11: Proposed by Commander Wedge
200 - 500 word
Must use the line "Corran, you can let go of your stick now."

Challenge 12: Proposed by Commander Wedge
The Rogues and/or the Wraiths at the beach - Force help the Marine life.
Ice cream
Cotton Candy
Corn Dogs
Any other 'junk' food you can think of as well
"Look at the size of that thing."
"You can't look dignified when you're having fun."
There is no word limit - just your imagination.

Gourmet Challenge: Proposed by Nic
- A reference to Glit-biting
- Hobbie
Least: A passing mention
Mid: A cameo
Most A (co)starring role
- Wes
Least: A passing mention
Mid: A cameo
Most A (co)starring role
- Jello - Any flavour, any amount.
- A Combination of the following (mix and match to suit your purposes):
- Soothing music
- Tomato soup
- Mushroom soup
(I've left the amount up to you, although it is suggested that you have ten tins of the Tomato and eight tins of the mushroon...)
- Ice cream, vanilla, one large tub of
- Mineral water
- Pornography ('recreational' holos included, if you wish ;)
- Story Length...let's say 1000 - 2800 words

Challenge 13 Issued by: Banshee
Write a humorous story, include one or more Rogues/Wraiths, a bad guy named Darth Hummer and the phrase "I was a teenage appetizer from planet sushi"

Challenge 14 Issued by: Banshee
Write a story which features Wes and Hobbie as Calvin & Hobbs (Yes, the comic strip characters), snowmen, a tuna sandwich, a snare trap and Wes' pineapple

Challenge 15 Issued by: Guinastasia
Wes becomes an Elvis impersonator. It can be fat old Vegas Elvis, or young sexy Ed Sullivan Elvis. No word limit.

Challenge 16 Issued by: Ili
It must start with this sequence of dialogue:
"No, not now."
**five minutes later**
**two minutes later**
"Now????" plaintively.
**a minute later**
"Now?" whiny.
*sigh* "Okay, now."

Challenge 17 Issue by: Nic
Write a fic that is 250 - 500 words and includes the following lines:
"Her feet are nicely coiffed."
"You haven't cuddled with the snuggly yet, have you?"


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