The Fairy Tale of Izzy-Bella
An Izzy's Birthday Fic
by Claire

Wedge: It's the greatest celebration of the decade!!

Hobbie: The Liberation of Coruscant?

Wedge: No-

Wes: The destruction of the death star at Endor?

Wedge: Not tha-

Ton: At Yavin?

Wedge: NO! It's Izzy's birthday!!

All: Oh. *general cheering*

*huggles* Happy Birthday, O Esteemed Keeper of the Birthday List!!!

And in honour of this day, I have a little bitty ficlet for you....

Elizabeth looked around her room, and sighed. She was vexed. Vexed. She liked that word. But it didn’t make her feel any better. It was Saturday night in Madison-town, and she couldn’t go to the Show.

Her three wicked (but not evil!) WAAS-sisters were all going, but they’d forbidden her to come with them. So Poor Little Izzy-bella was vexed. And she was sad, because her sisters didn’t usually exclude her.

But then this very afternoon… her youngest sister Kat had flounced into Izzy’s room; she looked at her sister and begged for a boon.

Her ruffles were ruffled, her tresses were curled,
her feathers fluffed, and her stockings pearl’d,
and she sat down on the bed
and then she had said

"Izzy-bella, my dearest, though tonight is the Show,
which we’ve been waiting to see, where we’d longed to go!,
Izzy, my dearest, I beg you, stay home!"

And with those words, fair Katrielle fled,
Leaving poor Izzy these words in her head,

"Not go?
To the show?"

And Izzy had been sad, but she still wanted to go
So she decided to ignore Kat and go to the show
For how could she stay home, and miss the scene?
Just because Katrie was being so mean!

And into this turmoil, this sorrow, this pain,
Into her room walked a sister again
This time fair Anti, the eldest of four,
And she stepped through the threshold and pulled close the door

"Izzy, sweet Izzy, with thee I must plead,
Away put your dress-coat, and stable your steed,
For this eve though we visit, our own Street of Kings,
To see most wondrous spectacle, see ravages and rings,
I beg you stay home, with doors locked up tight,
Safely away from the creatures of the night!"

And Izzy, poor Izzy, a tear stinging her eye,
Lay down on her bed, and vowed not to cry,
What had she done to deserve such a plight?
To stay home from the show, it just was not right!

So she was sunk into sadness, shadowed by gloom,
Show-night at home all alone, what terrible doom!
But she held out one hope, dared to her diary confide,
That one of her sisters was still on her side!

Then as if on cue, appeared sister three,
Hair unbound and flowing, almost to her knee,
And the look on her face spoke the volumes you see,
"You mustn’t come tonight, I’m sorry, Izzy!"

And with a guilty look, Claire fled from her sight,
And over the sound of this hurried flight,
The click and the snap, as the bolt thudded home,
Izzy was locked in, now unable to roam!

The clatter of hooves on the pavement outside,
The three wicked sisters not caring to hide
The courtyard now empty as off they ride
The silence broken as poor Izzy sighed
As a bright silver glow the moon doth provide
As a shadow over it’s surface flied
As a certain visitor made haste to hide
As high up at her window poor Izzy cried.

A clock chimes in the distance,
The half hour its call
A warning to stragglers,
Soon is the Ball!

Then Izzy, poor Izzy, hears a creak on the stair,
And wiping her face, she turns from her chair,
Runs to the door, to listen at the crack
Have they taken pity? Are her sisters back?

The bolt slides home, the lock unturn’d,
The door swings open - and Izzy jumps as one burned,
No sister, no friend, no woman indeed,
Stands in that doorway in this time of need

A figure clad in carnelian, sun-bright and grand
Veiled in orange, foreign to this very land,
His eyes chocolate-brown, his expression most fond,
And in his hand, incongrously, what ‘pears like a wand!

"Izzy, Dear Izzy, fret not, all is well!"
He spake most joyfully, this news his to tell
"For tonight you must dance, and tonight you must go!
I’ll help you make ready for the glorious show!"

A flick and a swish, the wand moves through the air,
In gown she is clad, gems twined in her hair,
And as she moves forward, all style and grace,
A question unspoken rides free on her face

"Are you-?" she stops short, a whisper at best,
Eyes fixed unwavering on her familiar guest,
"You know me by one name, but tonight I should rather,
be known by one and all as Your Fairy TAWGfather!"

With announcement announced, he turns suddenly meek,
And blushing faintly drops a kiss air-light on her cheek,
Leads the lady outside to where her transport awaits,
A golden star fighter for her by the gates.

A flash of a slipper, crystal sparks at her feet,
She’s into her coach, settled bemused in her seat,
And in leans her hero, with the obligatory warning
"Izzy, fair Izzy, be home before morning!"

Then with famed grin, from tradition he moves,
If twere not enough to have engines, not hooves
He slips in beside her, in no way a mouse,
And readies the ‘carriage’ to leave the house

A low hum as the fighter takes to the skies,
A sigh of silks as a bouquet is placed on her thighs,
A soft scent of roses slowly doth rise,
A glimmer of mischief shines in his eyes
With movement so quick, she has no time to be wise,
With tight-woven ribbon he covers her eyes,
With a finger pressed to her lips to still shocked cries,
With shared grin as conspirators wave their goodbyes,

And soon no more lies

Blinded, she flies with her escort to town,
Almost unknowing when at last they set down,
And unsure of bearings, of where she now stands,
She trusts in her hero, and takes up his hands.

Blinded, he leads her along the street,
Into a building, at last to a seat,
Glasses a-clinking, and footsteps a-tapping,
Scents of popcorn and candy, as people start clapping,

Then off falls the ribbon, Izzy’s free once more,
And, lo, what a sight, what wonders in store,
For all she takes in, in that first moment’s sight,
Is the faces around her, this cannot be right!

There Katrin, there Anti, there Ton and Face There Rogue and there Wraith, and so many WAASers,
There flightsuits, there stockings, and there Bono-glasses

And there to her right, with a grin (not much more!)
Sits the one she was longing so badly for,
Her Prince had arrived, whom she thought she would miss,
Then her lips and Hobbie’s met in their first kiss

And cheers and applause broke through the crowd,
Whistles and greetings shouted aloud,
And a blush staining crimson o’er that pale cheek,
At last Izzy found voice and started to speak

She thanked all for coming, for such a turnout
Twas the best birthday ever, without a doubt,
Then her sisters, with guilt, dashed to her side,
And admittedly, all four of them cried,

But all was forgiven, and all was well,
And hugging and kissing went on pell-mell,
Then Hobbie tugged Izzy to sit by his side,
And finally the surroundings she did espy,

And so through the aisles came waiters with wine,
And nibbles and sweet-things upon which to dine,
And the party began, in most glorious style,
For the Show would begin in just a short while.

And cuddling up to her Rogue-of-choice,
Izzy, Fair Izzy, she raised up her voice,
Then rang out the music, and singing twixt sips,
The crowd cry’d out "Let there be Lips!"


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