The Fairy Tale of Izzy-bella
Alternate Ending
by Claire and Mish

Blinded, he leads her along the street, Into a building, at last to a seat...

Claire hummed and sighed,
and then pressed delete.

The dancing, the glimmer, oh what a treat!
Izz slumped into her place with great defeat
When in the background WAASers looked for something to eat!
Anti shouted aloud, "Oh look, it's wholewheat!"
(The banquet was rhyming) Katrie found some mincemeat!
And decided indeed twas good to eat
In fact it was a nummy treat
In a dash of inspirtation, Izzy ran to the food like an athelete!
but was stopped by an unseasonly shower of sleet
Oh what a horror - this weather to meet!

Claire and Mish were rhyming - what hullabuloo!

Wedge sighed tolerantly, the place was a zoo
Wes blushed ever-so-slightly, he needed the loo.
And Tycho followed him, for different reasons, tis true
Hobbie grinned, in his clothes, coloured of blue!
Glim covered him liberally with glitter, too

But oh, the desserts, were ever so sweet
Mish's mind wondered what Wes would secrete
and she resolved to check on his seat.
This simply would not do, she'd ask for a reciept
She wrinkled her nose, she had smelt Ton's feet
She walked to the bathroom door, then thought it best to retreat!
For Tycho was there, sucking on Wes' feet
(it sounded better than 'teat')
For she needed a camera, this scene could not be beat
Wedge thought that was dfinitely an act of mistreat!
Because he wanted in, he thought it was neat!

Claire wiped her hands on her trousers, the ryhme might be nearing complete!

Wedge took Face outside to make an impression in the concrete
Two men, perfect you see, they can't make a gamete
and so led Wes, Tycho to a room - a suite!
And brought him choco pilots as an appetit!
If he were a cheerleader, his skirts would have been pleat,
Tycho grumbled to himself, his 'talent' was petite,
So he ploughed him, twas like a biblical feat!
And too soon it was over, in a heartbeat.
And they thought, perhaps, their guests they should greet

And so dressed and washed, the two went downstairs
to see what had happened with others' affairs
To hear the sound of a dozen trumpets, playing fanfares!
And they danced in the ballroom without any cares
challenging Wedge to some very dirty dares
regarding the WAASers urgent repairs
and involving 'nudge nudge wink wink' requests to visit their lairs

Claire, she did sit, and chew upon her hairs.
For she was nervous, everyone but her had no cares!

Wedge did walk over, and declare he would love her to have his heirs!
And Claire did then proclaim "oh, I declares!
I would love to be the mother of your kids, and have some of your shares."
For Wedge played the stockmarket, it was one of his impairs
"And follow you from base to city, to fairs"'
Wedge grinned like a fool, his eyes focused on her rounded pears.

But then with a cry, she fell in a dish.
And Wedge moved his attention onto dear Mish
He wanted to know just how much she'd squish!
"Ohhh no," the lady didst cry, "move away from me, i don't want to die!"
And she fainted with another sigh

Wedge turned to Izzy, and suddenly the sky turned bright, like a day in July
Wedge turned to Izzy, "and I do not lie
the sky turned so bright one would swear it July"
Wedge waited with baited breath, and played with his necktie
And wished twere Izzy's hands nigh,
and he didst have unclean thoughts, oh fi!
(Oh how he wished she would try)
Izzy's eyes widened, Wedge promised her nought but Shanghai!
Wes in the background yawned, thinking he needed some shuteye
For exhausted he was by the demands from Ty (cho)
Wedge's eyes continued down, wishing again his hand on Izzy's thigh
Or his hand on hers, oh my!
Wedge's smile didst grow, into one not-quite-so-wry
and indeed he did look rather quite sly
Izzy must do something, or else there would be an outcry!

"Uhm," she didst say, "Hi."
so she took his hand and upstairs they went, together to lie
Wedge, for himself, tried not to faint.
He didn't think Izzy would find it quaint
Especially since she thought him a saint

The poem of poems, Mish thought, this ain't.

Meanwhile upstairs, Izzy took out some restraint.

Claire agreed, and just to be annoyin'
Changed the line to end with 'purple'.
Mish hummed and hahed, purple, purple...uhm... snerkle?
She once had watched Thunderbirds and one was called Virgil!
Claire did applause
For in Mish's rhyming skill, she was truly in awes
And oh, twas for such a wonderful cause

From upstairs came the ominous sound of see-saws.
Tycho and Hobbie were worried, they might have to draw short straws.
And then they heard the loud roars
echoing through the paperthin doors
For Izzy had been in Wedge's drawers!

At his hair, did Hobbie claw!
"I knew it" he cried, "I knew he did not love me!"
"Yeah," Wes did snerk, "You might as well go shag a tree."
and in swept Plourr to say dramatically,
"Hobbie, you know you love me!"
"I do not love you," Hobbie replied, although moved to her, closely.
It was true, he'd not noticed, how much she was a cutie
And then the two of them started to quibble
And Mish and Claire started to wibble
And then Wedge cried out "I am invincible!"

Mish was reminded of a line from a James Bond movie!
And she thought twas rather groovy
On the dance floor, a couple of WAASers got into a boogie
and some of the pilots wanted some noogie

Although a single one the WAASers avoided, for he had acne
And so heading home, he called for a hackney
"Farewell my dear Corran!" Holly did shout, and onto her head, she recieved a clout!
And in wandered Mirax, not knowing what this was about
And so she endeavoured to sort it all out
The WAASers did boo, one thought she might shout,
"hey you, this is our place, yo Mirax, get out!"
And so the rude anti-Corraners did call him a lout
And on the table, all that was left was a piece of trout!
but look, over there, in the corner - sauwerkraut!
And over Wes' love, Tycho and Hobbie started a bout
And when Kell Tainer jumped in, it became a rout
WAASers scratched their heads, what was this all about?

But when the fight moved outside and it started a-raining,
none of the WAASers could be heard complaining
For the appeal of men mud-wrestling was rapidly gaining
Especially with how few clothes were remaining
And down in the mud, the boys did a-chasing
There was a blowing, a blogging and bustling
The WAASers did yell, this fight was amazing!
Twas like the boarding school version of hazing
and none of these fighters could be accused of lazing
Although Hobbie was weakening, about to enter some sort of daze-ing
the strenght of these men was rather phasing
The word was reminiscent of Star Trek, but this didn't stop the
WAASers from gazing

How was this fight to end?
When could the authors press 'send'?
"When we get over this terrible trend,"
said Claire, though her heart it did rend
And then with a terrible evil cackle,
the task of ending, she did tackle
by finding a word to which naught could rhyme
though its not easy, it's a word used all the time
"Not the dreaded..." spake Mish, "Not the word ne'er used, No, no, for that word, we cannot find a rhyme"
So all together now,
and don't start a row
(Elsewhere in the house, snort, said a sow)
The word you are after is a colour
And though there are many duller
What call you the shade than an X-Wing is in?
Pipe down, you lot, we don't need this din!

Tis.... Silver!

"This is not the end," cried Face, and from the table a chicken
drumstick he did PILFER.
"Please make it stop!" Claire wailed aloud
"Nay," Face did say, for of the rhyme he was proud
"No, no, no!" The rain chose then to stop, and Claire's voice was loud
so taking advantage, the way she knew best,
Claire grabbed him and kissed him, and all the rest.

"That last sentence," Mish thought aloud, "puts the limits to the test."
"Well how about this," said Claire, Mish having got her goat,
"Claire grabbed Face, and shoved her tongue down his throat"
"That's rather crude," Mish did muse,
"What did you expect?" Claire did accuse
"Of me to be sweetness, all light and no dodge?
Well thats a load of porridgey stodge!"
"I know that," Mish replied.
"Be careful out there, in the mud is chloride!"
Mish and Claire an eyebrow raised, "What is this that speak?"
A pilot or two came out with a squeak
"Chloride, we'll die! Alas! Woe is me!" Hobbie did shriek
"Get out of the mud, and into a shower, this week!"
Was Katrin's advice,
Although she had to shout it twice
Then fell over Borsk who was playing dice
"No, NOT BORSK!" a WAASer gurgled
"He haunts my dreams, my muse, he did burgle!"

"Never fear," Wedge did then cry,
With a tear in his eye,
(He feared he might have a sty,)
"I'll run after Borsk, I'll catch him I say"
"Nay!" Ili warned, "Nay!"
Borsk started after him, "Come here, here to stay!"

Wedge then did panic
The race was most frantic
As after Wedge, Borsk did sic.
A WAASer or two felt very sick,
"This is not good, this is too manic!
what a sithly horrid trick!"
Wedge could not run fast, he had too large a.... dic--ice pick(!)
Wedge wished for once, that he had help from his sidekick
Wes did not appear, he was dancing, his style rythmic.
Ili watched Wedge run, and threw him a stick,
"Use this, My Fair Knight, to vanquish your foe!"

Alas the stick fell, right on his toe.
And he yelped "oh, sith, oh no! No!"

And this is the end of the poem, we can now go
What a waste of a morning, or then possibly no.
For Claire it is evening, to bed she must sleep.
Sweet dreams to all, from you let's hear not a peep.
For tomorrow she has an appointment to keep.
so goodnight to all, and to all a good night,
we hope we didn't give you too much of a fright!
**Flourishy Bow Thing**
So Long And Thanks For All The Fish. N'night!


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