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Compilation CD
by Feni

"Welcome back to 'Whose Watching this Anyway! The next game is for Face, Ton and Wes. Compilation CD!" The camera zoomed into far and knocked Wedge's nose. "Ow!"

Face and Ton take the two stools while Wes heads over to the boom box.

Face puts on his best announcer smile. "That's right, Ladies, now *you* can own the recordings of your favorite Rogue and mine, Wes Janson!"

Ton looks disgusted, and actually nautious. "Call in now and get your copy of 'Man Boobs and other Drunken Songs!'"

Audience cheers.

"For only 20 credits, you can have a party with Wes Janson every night with songs like: Oops, I worked out too much!"

The boom box starts up, Courtesy of Hobbie and Wes starts singing, holding Corran's lightsaber upside down as a microphone. The tune of Britney Spear's 'Oops, I did it again' starts up. "Oh baby baby, my boobs were supposed, to grow... oh baby baby, Hobbie likes to play with them, oh, oh ho.... help me, I think I was a B.... now I'm growing cause of these hormones... opps, I did it again! I worked out too much! It wasn't my fault, Wedge made me do it, now look, I'm in a mess, my man boobs are huge"

Face looks like he's fighting the urge to run. "That one makes me all warm inside."

"I would hate to be the girl on my block without this next song: Too Sexy!"

Wes rolls his eyes in a 'Too Easy' look. "I'm too sexy for my blaster, too sexy for my blaster, just makes me want to go faster..."

"And how about this classic?"

Wes starts up the Ithorian Dance. "Walk like, an Ithorian... walk like an Ithorian...."

"And, Face, don't forget the song from everyone's favorite movie, 'Lusankya'."

Wes grimaces, sticking his tongue out in disgust. "No, I don't want to do it."

"Wes, c'mon!" Face hissed at him.

Ton nodded to Hobbie who pushed on the back of Wes' knee, making him fall forward.

"Fine! Freakin' pirates!" Wes adopts a more melodramatic posture. "Near, far, where ever you are, I believe, that my X-Wing, will fly on....once more, you shoot down that ugly, and I know that my X-Wing will fly on, and on..."

Hobbie reaches up and takes Wes' hand, wiping an invisible tear.

--===BUZZ!===-- "I think that's enough of that horrifying mess. A thousand points go to Hobbie for not having participated!"

Audience cheers.


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