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Cooking Outdoors
by Feni

"Hey, are you going to tone down that flame there?" Wedge called out to the patio to Wes who was watching the flames dance atop the grill grating, having just lit the bed of briquettes aflame.

"No, they're supposed to burn up a bit before I can cook the steaks." The four friends, three of whom were sitting indise, watching an old holofilm, had decided that the warm night on the upper levels of Coruscant was perfect for cooking outdoors, and the Tanaabian had insisted on manning the old-fashioned grill himself.

Wes shut the lid on the grill, letting the briquettes cook for a few moments, "The charcoal is impregnated with a lighter fluid that helps them burn more evenly."

"You're the resident expert on impregnation, right Wes?" Hobbie, bent sideways in a large armchair, snickered.

"Harsh, Hobbie." Tycho hefted the remote in his hand and turned the volume down since it was just an old action flik they had all seen dozens of times.

Wes raised a certain finger to Hobbie, making a kissie face as he lifted the lid on the grill.

A startled yell marked Wes' retreating step from the grill and the flames that lept up at the pilot.

The smell of lighter fluid, ash and burning hair filled the air. The trio turned to their startled friend who was running his hands very quickly through his hair.

Gales of laughter followed a long silence from the three. Wes rushed past them to the 'fresher to check on his hair. Their laughter died slowly, immediately followed by a mornful wail. More laughter accompanied Wes' dejected emergence from the 'fresher.

The burst of flames has singed the man's hair along his hairline and removed half the length of his right eyebrow.

Tycho, having grown up with this style of grilling, snuck out to the patio to read the back of the briquette bag. His next sentence was stuttered with snickers, "The instructions on the back... back of the bag say never to close... never close the lid when the flames are high..."


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