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by Feni



"...used and professionally refur..."


"...-ing his baby."


"...removes stains and leaves the color..."


"Damnit Kell, just choose a channel. You're getting on my nerves!" Wes' back was to the larger pilot and holoprojector, facing a holonet terminal.

Kell, lounging on the largest sofa credits could buy, and he just barely fit within the arm rests, let the remote control rest lazily in his hand, his fingers curling gently around it. "Suck vacuum, Wes. You can look at naked women somewhere else. This is the only holoprojector with all the channels. Besides, there isn't anything good on."


"...zhu dah werumph..."

A low, frustrated sigh pushed past Wes' kissable lips accompanied by an over exaggerated roll of his dreamy eyes. Leaning closer to the terminal, and making an attempt to drown out the constantly changing sounds from the projector, Wes actually managed to read through a dozen or so messages from various women from various bars, clubs and cantinas. Only to be interrupted again by a rather unsettling noise.

Warbling whining.

Peering over his shoulder, an expression of hesitant fear twisting his chiseled features, Wes' sky colored eyes fell on a twisting and wriggling Kell, emitting a noise akin to a baby Ewok's 'messy diaper, change me' whine.

Wes' laughter erupted from the pit of his stomach, nearly knocking him from his chair, and completely drowning out the holoprojector's volume.

"What? What's so funny? -whine- Are you laughing at me?" Kell's face was red, and pushed into a pathetic, squinty, 'help me' expression. He thrashed about on the sofa, leaning over the edge, searching for something, whining and whimpering the entire time of it.

Gales of laughter accented Kell's search, only eliciting more whining from the massive pilot. Which in turn, caused more laughter from Wes. A vicious cycle indeed.

"What did you lose? Besides your dignity that is," Wes forced out between hushed snickers and threatening chuckles.

Mashing his face into a redder, more compressed scowl, Kell seemed a child throwing a tempter tantrum after breaking his favorite toy. "The remote. I just had it, and now it's gone."

Deep blue eyes moved from Kell's reclining face, to the pillow under his head. The corner of which hid the remote. Giggling softly, Wes just pointed, purposefully vague, at Kell's head, struggling to contain the smile that threatened to consume his features.

Kell, still stretched out over the sofa, feet propped against the far arm rest, head pressed into a well worn throw pillow, threw his arms about and whimpered more. "What?!"

Bursting into laughter once again, Wes had to hold his sides, pressing his hands on the aches in his ribs. "Do you have any idea what a 2 meter tall man looks like when he's whining like a baby?"

Blushing a deeper red then his thrashing about had made him, Kell thrust his hand under the pillow, realizing too late what Wes had been pointing at. Aiming the remote at the holoprojector, Kell surfed through the hundreds of channels, angrily mumbling objections to Wes' comment. "Stupid..... laughing....don't whine....."


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