It's not the Heat
by Glimmer Girl

A rivulet of sweat trickled down Wedge's scalp. Weaving a hot, itchy path, it continued until he finally slammed the hydrospanner down with frustration and scrubbed a hand through his hair. Usually Wedge didn't mind doing a quick check of his own X-wing. There was no need to bother the techs about every little quirk the ship had. Usually, however, he wasn't stuck under the ship in the sweltering heat. His hair stuck to his skin. His jumpsuit stuck to his skin. If he took off the jumpsuit, he was scared his skin would stick to the floor.

Stars, it was hot here.

Before setting up the temporary base on Calia, the Alliance leaders had feared the planet wouldn't have a temperate enough climate for humanoids. Wiping his hand on an already sweat damp trouser leg, Wedge wondered if there was such a thing as too temperate. No, Yavin's rainforests had been temperate. Calia was just... hot. He couldn't even start to count the number of cold showers he'd taken since they arrived two days ago.

And it seemed to get hotter and hotter the longer Wedge tried to fix the ship. He had thought he knew what was wrong with it. But after each attempt proved unsuccessful, he was quite ready to throw in the towel. Or the hydrospanner. Yes, if he threw the hydrospanner at the ship, perhaps it would jostle the thing into working correctly again. Taking a deep breath of the stale, hot air, Wedge judged how well one could aim a hydrospanner while lying under an X-wing. Just as he was about to whack the ship, something jabbed him in the leg.

" What?" He plunked the 'spanner down. If that tech droid was coming to tell him what to do one more time...

" Wedge? What are you doing under there?" Ahh, the jabber was human.

" Skywalker?"

" Yeah?"

" Oh." Wedge started to inch his way out from under the ship to where it was a little cooler and he could talk to Luke. &uqot;What are you doing here?"

Luke hesitated, the sound of his bare feet shuffling on the ground. "I was uncomfortable in our room."

" Yeah, it's hot." Wedge mumbled.

" Well, it really isn't the heat so much. Tatooine was hot." More shuffling of feet.

As Wedge slid out from under the X-wing, he got a better look at Luke's bare feet. And ankles. And legs. And arms. Luke was only wearing shorts and... Just shorts. Right. Leaning against the ship, Luke grinned at Wedge when the other man emerged.

" I'm horny." Luke stated with utter nonchalance.

More than a little nonplussed, Wedge stared at Luke. A thin sheen of sweat glistened on his bare chest, damp hair clung to his neck. Luke's skin was smooth, clean and pale in the artificial light of the hangar. Wedge felt another rivulet of sweat sneak down from his neck to his spine. He raised himself off the floor slowly and swiped his wrist across his forehead.

Stars, Luke was hot.

" Wait a minute," Wedge said, suddenly snapping back to reality, "you walked from our quarters in your undershorts?"

" It's not like anybody complained." Luke responded and took a few steps closer to Wedge. "Are you complaining?"

" No, but..."

Luke's fingers insinuated themselves into his collar, nimbly pulling down the zipper to his jumpsuit. Cool touches flirted with his warm skin, skimming over his nipples and stomach. Well, he couldn't complain about that. Or about the tongue that darted out and licked the curve of his left ear. A shiver passed over Wedge as Luke kissed his ear, then blew a jet of soft, cool air over it.

" Come on." Luke whispered, his hand wandering down to the crotch of Wedge's jumpsuit.

" "Room?" Wedge asked. He moved away when Luke shook his head. "No room? Huh?"

" I have a much better idea."

He followed Luke's eyes. They flickered up to the cockpit of Wedge's X-wing, a glint of challenge in them. At one time Wedge thought Luke had the nicest, most innocent blue eyes. They were still quite a nice blue.

" Luke, we can't. What if someone else comes into the hangar?" Nudging Luke forward with a kiss, Wedge tried to lead him to the door.

" Oh." Luke looked up at the ship again. "Then we tell them there isn't enough space for three in there."

Wedge groaned, first with dismay, but then with pleasure. Luke had backed him against the ship and was kissing him eagerly. His tongue pushed past Wedge's lips and teeth, tickling his gums and palette. Luke kissed him harder, their bodies pressing together, and Wedge could feel arousal surge in his stomach. More than arousal, though. He could feel desperation and need, first Luke's, and then his own, bubble up inside him. Wedge shifted his hips and Luke whimpered, his hard cock pressing into Wedge's thigh.

About a hundred excuses why they shouldn't have sex in the ship ran through Wedge's mind. He caught about three of them and was ready to use them on Luke when all of a sudden, that lovely tongue slid out of his mouth. And down his neck, lapping at the hollow in his throat. Before he could warn Luke about the dangers of seat-cover burn, he was stripping off his jumpsuit and unbuckling his boots.

Now also clad only in shorts, Wedge let Luke lead him closer to the ship. Luke prodded him, then placed his hands on Wedge's hips and turned him toward the X-wing.

" You first." He ran a finger down the line of Wedge's spine. "I need to feel you inside me. Now."

A deep growl was about all the response Wedge could conjure up. He scrambled up into the ship, blood pounding in his limbs, hands slick with sweat. Once in, he yanked his shorts off. The air on his cock felt just about as hot as the desire that was throbbing throughout his whole body.

A few seconds later, he pulled Luke close to him, between the vee of his legs. Slipping one hand into the waist of Luke's shorts, he slid them down his slim hips as far as he could. Wedge had just enough room to caress both of Luke's hips, stroking fingers down the sides, rubbing the back of his palm over to Luke's ass. He leaned forward and pressed one kiss to the base of Luke's spine, then to his left hip. His lover's skin was warm and tasted faintly of laundry soap. Exhaling slowly, Wedge nibbled and sucked at the skin until he left a deep pink mark. Luke sighed brokenly and pushed his body closer to Wedge, his tight ass settling on Wedge's lap.

Stars, it was much hotter in an X-wing than beneath one. And it just kept getting hotter.

Then he was squirming and writhing under his lover's body, the weight and warmth intoxicating. Luke twisted his head around, face upturned for a quick kiss. Pressing his lips to Luke's, Wedge wrapped one arm around his waist and started to stroke his cock. A shudder passed over Luke, ending in a helpless gasp.

" Move the stick." Wedge panted, the thought of the X-wing's control wandering through his mind. It would get in the way, wouldn't it?

"Oh, all right." Luke stopped moving for a second, then sighed. He shoved the stick out of the way and made a small, disappointed noise.

" You are one kinky bastard, Skywalker. You know that?" Wedge whispered harshly, teeth grazing the other man's shoulder. He lifted Luke up a little, fingers digging into the hollows of his hips. "Ready?"

" I came ready, Wedge." With that, Luke impaled himself on Wedge's erection.

And ready he came. Sliding into the slick entrance, Wedge vaguely wondered how sure Luke had been that they'd end up doing this. Not that it mattered, when he felt his cock surrounded by his lover. Cupping one hand over Luke's stomach, Wedge grasped his cock with the other and stroked slowly. The tight space of the cockpit limited their movement, but desire made each stroke, each thrust so very intense. The more carefully they moved, the more feeling was wrung from Wedge's body.

This was heat like he never felt before. The heat of the air pressed in all around him, filling his nose, mouth and lungs as he took deep, needy breaths. The sweaty slide of Luke's back against his chest created even more heat in the air between him and his lover. And then, oh, yes, the heat and tightness of Luke's body, bringing him to climax with the slightest movement. Behind his eyelids, he saw an explosion of color and light, the smell of Luke's hair in his nose, his face buried in Luke's neck. He wanted to explode himself and dissolve into a million pieces. There wasn't enough room here, not nearly enough for him to let all the feeling out. He was going to die from the heat and the closeness and oh stars! He came inside Luke, the universe suddenly expanding and contracting at the same time. There was enough room for him to push inside his lover one last time and feel his body teeter on the edge of orgasm, enough room to bite down into Luke's shoulder and let out a low groan, enough room to quicken the pace of his stroking and bring Luke to full satisfaction. Enough room between the two of them and this tiny little place in his ship's cockpit.

Hot and sticky, Luke climaxed over his hand. He threw his head back onto Wedge's shoulder, a voiceless shout coming from his lips. He remained that way, inhaling and exhaling sharply, as Wedge nuzzled him gently behind the ear. Their lovemaking had been quick and violent in its precision.

And really, really hot.

" How about a shower?" Wedge murmured into his lover's ear.

Luke nodded, lazily pulling up his undershorts and maneuvering out of the ship. He balanced on the edge for a second, gave Wedge a come hither look, and hopped off.

Wedge rubbed his chest and yawned. He definitely needed a shower. A cold shower. And it definitely wasn't just because of the heat.


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