Time Together
by Glimmer Girl

"One more to go," Face muttered under his breath and blinked the sweat out of his eyes. The desire to shoot down the last TIE fighter in front of him had turned quickly from desire for perfection into compulsion. Every ounce of energy that he had left was focused on making once last kill, seeing the explosion of light and disintegrating matter flash before his eyes one last time that night. The destruction that lay around him - the smoking wasteland below his fighter, the shattered debris around it - faded into the periphery of his senses. Stomach tightening as his hand gripped the fighter's stick, his breath caught in the back of his throat as he locked in on his target. The only thing more in tune with the fighter than Face was the astromech that beeped quietly behind him. But the droid couldn't possibly feel the same need get rid of the desperation, the tight coil of anxiety and frustration that he felt inside. Face closed his eyes silently as he fired, opening them in time to see the fireball glow brilliantly then fade away, smoldering, into the atmosphere. He had destroyed all the enemy ships, even though he had to tear up a good portion of the planet's surface below him to do so.

All the energy he had felt while fighting dissipated, Face let out a slow breath and waited for the canopy on the x-wing to open. He had managed to eliminate some of the tension with the battle simulation; too much time between missions, spent alone, had put him on edge. When the hiss of the machine faded, he pulled off his helmet, shook out the sweat from his hair and hoisted himself out of the seat.

Slow, loud, and even, the sound of someone clapping their hands echoed through the practice room. Face looked up from the ground and stepped away from the flight simulator he had been working with. The urge to snap at whomever had been watching his exercise rose up like bile in his throat, but disappeared when the lights rose in the dim room. Another layer of anxiety melted away when he saw Ton standing a short distance from him, still clapping his hands, but more quietly. A softness came into his eyes before he smiled at Face.

"An excellent demonstration of amateur skill." Ton said as Face approached him. "They're going to make you an officer for the way you destroyed the numerous orphanages and poor houses on that planet."

"It was unavoidable. Would you have done it differently?"

"Perhaps not differently, but with more style, panache. Charisma, even, my young friend."

Raising one eyebrow, Face unzipped his flightsuit and looked seriously at Ton. A smile played on the other man's lips, lighting up eyes that Face knew were marred by fatigue. Or, that is, one of them. Ton's optic always looked bright, making him look alert even after extended periods of going without rest. The past few days had been one of those times. A fierce battle had left Wraith Squadron with one too many casualties than they could afford and many more than one medic could handle and stay sane. Not that his lover was sane to begin with, Face mused, and sighed.

"Charisma? Perhaps you could demonstrate for me sometime." Face stopped walking as a hand sneaked around his neck. A rush of adrenaline, different from and more delicious than the rush he felt inside the flight sim quickened his pulse.

"Perhaps I could demonstrate for you now." Pulling him closer, Ton kissed Face lightly on the lips. "Charismatic, no?"

"Mmm… maybe, show me again." A series of kisses, over his eyelids and lips, ended with a long, open mouth kiss. Face sighed again, with satisfaction, before pulling away from Ton. "Very good style."

"Yes. You're improving, too. Have you been practicing something else while I've been working?" Carding one hand through Face's hair, Ton began to walk out of the practice room. "All that time with Commander Antilles paying off in ways I never imagined?"

"Unfortunately, no."

Ton frowned, then rested his hand on Face's hip as they neared the corridor that led toward the living quarters. "That wasn't the answer I was looking for."

The affection in Ton's voice betrayed the mock hurt expression and Face grinned in spite of himself. He leaned over and pressed his lips to Ton's neck, nuzzling the warm skin before Ton nudged him away. The hallways were empty, giving the two of them a chance to walk a little closer, a little slower than usual. Face slid his arm around his lover's waist, concentrating on the rhythm of their breath and footsteps. They never had enough time to be lovers, let alone to actually make love. Lately their time had been divided between duty and brief periods of rest; the rarity of their time together had left Face longing for the simple act of being able to feel his lover's warmth. Even now he could smell the antiseptic on Ton's clothing, faint, but sharp enough to be detectable. They paused before Face's quarters, finally moving apart from each other as Face punched in his key code.

"Back to the clinic?" Face asked quietly.

"The clinic?" Ton murmured. "I may like it there, and you may be kinky as all seven Sith hells, but I am not going to have my evil way with you in front of those with a delicate constitution."

"I do not want to have sex in your clinic!" Face twisted his mouth from Ton's as his lover both pushed him inside the room and started to kiss him again.

"Who wanted to play doctor?" Ton whispered before sliding his tongue over Face's lips. "Hmm?"

"You... uhmm... oh, do that again." Face mumbled around the kiss, eagerly pressing his body against Ton's.

"I'll do it to you all night."

Ton's voice had lowered to a harsh whisper, the sound driving a shiver of desire through Face's body. All the flight sims in the galaxy couldn't get rid of the aching frustration that he felt now, that had been building up for the past few days, and that tightened inside him whenever he looked at Ton. Face had known, the first time he saw Ton flash him a smile, that he had found more than a comrade in Wraith Squadron. The comfortable friendliness he felt for Ton had changed so easily and so promptly into desire, that it was difficult for him to say that there was a time when they had not been lovers. And now, with his fingers hastily undoing the fastenings on Ton's tunic and trousers, his lips and tongue meeting Ton's clumsily as they walked to the bedroom, his erection growing hard under his lover's touch, Face couldn't think of a time when they wouldn't be lovers.

Leading Ton to his bed, Face squirmed out of his own clothes and fell backwards onto the bed. He watched, letting his fingertips flit over his chest and stomach, as Ton removed his boots and slid his trousers off. Already fully aroused, Ton stood at the foot of the bed. He stared at Face, his breath coming in loud, slow pants. Leaning forward, he brushed the back of his hand over Face's leg, then came close to kiss the skin just above his ankle.

"I could spend all night tasting you."

"S'kinky..." Face leaned up on one elbow and smiled. Lying back down, he offered a length of synthsilk rope to Ton, then raised his hands to the headboard as Ton looped it around his wrists. A new compulsion filled Face - to be touched, tasted, and finally brought to the very brink of his senses. To swell with feeling and to come violently, as many times as his lover could make him.

Ton laughed and settled on the bed after securing the bonds. He started to lick his way up Face's leg, nibbling and kissing when he got to the inner thigh. "You love it."

"ohh..." The teasing, ticklish kisses continued, but got lighter as Ton came closer to his erection. Face thrust his hips up off the bed, the desire that tingled throughout his body centering in his groin. Warm, wet kisses covered the base of his stomach as Ton stroked his flank. "Love that."

"Yes, oh, I know you do."

The soft touches ended suddenly, and Ton planted his hands on Face's hips, holding him down as his mouth closed over the tip of Face's cock. Hot, wet, heat surrounded his erection for a few seconds, and just as he tried to thrust up into Ton's mouth, he felt cold air. Ton slid his tongue over the head of Face's cock, then touched just the tip of his tongue to it. Delicate, the touch was maddeningly erotic, driving Face to the edge of want. He needed to feel more of his lover, more than the soft kiss that brushed the tip of his penis, more than the strong hands that forced him down into the mattress.

Oh, but the torture of being bound by both the ropes and his lover's strength was delicious. The more he tried to struggle and reach satisfaction, the more elusive it became. Twisting, arching, straining his body, Face begged for more contact. He groaned at the feeling of Ton's breath on his cock. The whisper of lips on his sensitized skin, the press of fingers into the hollow of his hips, one sensation gentle, the other firm, contrasted in his already spinning mind.

"Your desire tastes so good." Ton spoke again, his voice deep and harsh. "Oh, gods I've missed you."

Removing his hands from Face's hips, Ton slid up the bed. The length of his body covered Face, his erection pressing into Face's thigh. Hungry, desperate kisses stole the oxygen from Face's lungs. The taste of desire seemed to come with those kisses, lingering on his tongue and at the back of his throat. He could feel not only his want, but the need that drove his lover. It was more than the thrust of body against body, more than the slide of tongue over tongue, more than the bite of synthsilk into his wrists. More than sweat and pleasure and pain, it was the release of want and desire, the result of love and need and too many hours apart. It was beautiful compulsion, not to destroy, but to be destroyed by a few blissful seconds of orgasm.

The one moment, right before climax, that perfect dizzying moment, Face held onto as long as he could. He felt himself being strung out on that moment, tight with desire and the desperate need to feel his lover as completely as possible. When Ton stiffened against him, then spilled out his orgasm with a hoarse shout, Face let himself come. It was so right it almost hurt, to come with his lover's body so close to his; being body to body, breath to breath and mouth to mouth was enough love making at that time.

Ton slipped down next to him and untied his wrists carefully. They lay together, hearts and breath calming down, quiet until Face kissed Ton softly on the lips. He reached and cupped his hand over Ton's cheek, fingers resting on his faceplate. The metal always felt warm to Face; nothing about Ton felt unreal to him, not the prosthetics he wore, not the optic. The sound of his voice and the feel of his lips on the palm of Face's hand were real; the time and desire they shared, that, too was real. More real than the frustration Face felt when they were apart.

"You'll have to go back to the clinic soon, right?" He asked slowly.

"Not too soon. Especially not if you're having those ideas again."

"Oh, I have ideas." Face replied and laid his head on Ton's chest.

"That don't include the clinic?"

"Mm... no, no clinic ideas just now."

"Or that flight sim?"

"No." Face slid his palm over Ton's abdomen. Feeling arousal stir inside him again, Face kissed the center of Ton's chest and started to stroke his stomach and ribcage. "But I'd like to see more of that charisma you boast about."

"I think we have time for some of that."


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