Untitled (with Leather)
by Glimmer Girl

I could tell you it was his easy smile, the way it caught my heart every time Tycho grinned at me. Or I could tell you it was the light in his eyes that drew me closer to him from across the spacer bar's table. I could even explain how his hair fell tantalizingly over his forehead, long enough to make him shrug it back every so often, as we sat and talked about idle matters. Oh, sure, I could, but why bother? He was handsome as anything and had an enchanting manner of speaking, I won't - and cannot - deny that. But from the second he walked in and I saw his slim hips sway, clad in tight leather, it was those trousers that did it. Oh, gods, yes, I was undone by a pair of purple hipsters and a sexy walk.

He took his place at the bar, chatting with a dark haired boy. Captivated, I watched as the boy's slim hand slid over Tycho's thigh and the young man laughed. Obviously, he approved of the leathers, too. But how not? When Tycho leaned over the bar, the dark purple accented the smooth ripple of muscle in his ass and thighs. Straining over his body, the trousers were just a little too tight. But absolutely perfect, from my point of view.

A million thoughts spun through my mind when I saw him walk over to me. The leather clung to his hips and thighs, a silver tunic, open, skimming just over the waistband. A dangerously low slung waistband, sharp bones jutting out and the tiniest bit of fuzz visible over his fly. When he moved, the slick material stretched over his muscles, tight as skin and smooth as water. My stomach lurched and the area just below started to tingle when he walked up to me, leaned over my shoulder and kissed my cheek. The heat of his body warmed my bare neck and shoulders, but receded too quickly as he motioned toward a table and we sat down.

We ordered drinks, some pale blue sweet liquid that slipped silkily over my tongue and down my throat. Thank the gods for pointless conversation and idle flirting, for my mind was not on words or ideas. Those trousers, even hidden by the table we sat at, occupied my mind. Half-formed fantasies flitted though my mind even as my eyes followed his or my lips smiled when his did.

I imagined my body pressed up against his, leather warm from his body heat as it slid over my skin. His tongue, pushing into my mouth, as I pushed his hips into mine. One leg nudged between mine, his thigh hard against my crotch. Leather, between my thighs, the feel of it distinct despite the thin cotton of my panties. Deepening the kiss, I thrust my tongue into his mouth warm and wet as if the harder I kissed him, the closer our bodies could be. Tycho moaned into my mouth and I grasped his tight ass, shoving him tighter against me.

One of his hands reached down the back of my dress, unzipping it slowly. Nimble fingers tickled a line down my spine, over my ass and reached into the elastic of my panties. The teasing touch brushed over my sex, fingertips rubbing the dampness. One leg hooked around his, I held him nearer to me, a whine sighing from my lips as his hand withdrew. I splayed my fingers over the taut leather that covered his ass, grasping the firm flesh. Hell, I could nearly come from touching him, the feel of leather on my skin.

Lips moved down my neck; tiny, tickling kisses traced a path to my collarbone. Breath coming in soft pants, my hands rubbed up and down over his thighs and ass. His hips rocked against mine, low grunts of pleasure interspersed with the kisses that painted my skin. Tycho pushed the dress's straps off my shoulders with his teeth, nibbling the skin. He moved away, allowing only enough space to slip a hand between our bodies. Through my dress, he caressed one of my nipples, rubbing and pinching as his mouth suckled my lips once more. Son of an unmarried Sith, he reached up under the hem of my dress, pressed the length of one finger over my clit, then stepped away panting.

Our bodies apart, I shrugged out of my dress and snatched his hand. We stepped to the sleeping pallet, I in my panties; he clad only in those succulent trousers. Sweat traced a shiny line down the center of his chest, trickling slowly down over muscle and the light hair on his tummy, to disappear under the edge of purple leather. A feeling like hunger, a need like desperation grew deep inside me. I leaned forward and followed the path of the sweat drop with my tongue. My fingers scraped down his sides and flanks as I lowered my body, finally twisting my fingers into the waistband of his trousers. He tasted clean and sweet when my tongue licked the sensitive skin below his navel. Purple leather stretched over his groin, close enough for me flick my tongue over and tease. Hips jerked before me, his growing erection pressing against the already tight material. I nuzzled his hardness, the musk of arousal and leather filling my senses. Tycho growled down at me, a hand tangling in my hair to draw me up once more.

But, no, oh no, this was my game and I wanted him my way. Shoving him down onto the pallet, I watched as he tumbled, laughing and flailing his arms helplessly. I straddled him, pinning his wrists to the bed while I ran my tongue over his lips. Damp with perspiration, my own thighs brushed the slick leather, clinging and sticking deliciously. Sleek and slippery, the leather felt almost as good as his own naked skin. The thought of his hard, hot cock under the purple made my own sex tingle madly.

Rolling my hips, even the brush of my panties on my heated and wet crotch sent pulses of need over me. I let go of his wrists, only to lower my body over his and slither down to his now very hard erection. Tycho parted his thighs and I settled between them, the leather clad legs on either side of my body. I rubbed my thumbs over his hipbones as he twisted underneath me. His skin was hot and flushed, blood pounding in the rhythm of desire.

Fuck, I wanted him to touch me, but not before I tasted him. With a feral energy I never knew I had, I undid the buttons on his trousers. I ripped the leathers open, revealing a beautiful, thick, hard, cock, come dripping from the tip. I buried my face in his pelvis, rough hair and smooth leather against my skin. His shaft throbbed as I lowered my mouth over it. I sucked the tip, lips and tongue making his arousal painfully desperate. A hollow plea, full of desire, forced me to lift my head, the taste of his come in my mouth and the smell in my nose. All I had to do was wriggle out of my panties and lower myself onto him. Wet and itching to feel his cock inside me, I was more than ready to fill all my senses with his manbody. Ready, so freaking ready ...

"Ready?" I looked at Tycho as he stood from the table and my mind snapped back to reality.

"Yeah, I asked if you were ready to go. You know, somewhere more private." He laughed, hooking one finger in the waist of his trousers.

"Hell, I've been ready since I you walked in here," I responded. "By the way, did I mention, you look fucking great in those trousers."


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