Damn Fine Pilot
by Holly

How do you do, I
See you've met my
Lovely squadron mates
They're just a little tired out
Because when you arrived
They'd led some Imps to their fates.
Don't get too flushed
'Bout the way I look,
I know orange is so my colour.
I'm not one to brag, but I have to say
According to the WAAS I'm one hell of a lover.

I'm just a damn fine pilot
From Gus Treta, Corellia.

Let me show you my fighter
And maybe you'd like to
Come sit in the cockpit where it's pretty cosy.
And if you want some refreshments
I'll get the lieutenants,
To bring in some drinks to get you rosy.

I'm glad I caught you at the base
Cause I've been meaning to taste
Some of that Corellian whiskey.


I'll just have a glass or two
Cause if I get drunk with you
Things could get a little frisky.

Well if you've got the time,
We could go back to mine.
Well, baby, what do you say?
By the end of the night, you'll know the WAAS is right
'Cause I can keep going through till day.

I'm just a damn fine pilot
From Gus Treta, Corellia.

Why don't you stay for the night?

Tycho (echo):

Or maybe a bite?

Janson (echo):

I could show you my favorite position!
It's a little complex
But it makes for great sex
It's how I like to celebrate after a mission.

I'm just a damn fine pilot
From Gus Treta, Corellia.
Hit it, hit!
I'm just a damn fine pilot

Tycho, Janson, Hobbie:
Damn fine pilot!

From Gus Treta

Wedge, Tycho, Janson, Hobbie:

So, come back to my place
And see how good I taste.
I see you shiver with antici......pation.
But maybe just one
Pilot isn't enough fun
So how 'bout Tycho or Wes *evil-sounding smirky laughter*
Joins in the action!


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