Title: Two Go Mad on Coruscant Part 1/?
by Holly and Biggs

Holly pouted into her coffee as she idly surfed through travel websites. "New term at Uni starts in a couple of weeks."

Beggs didn't look up from his laptop. "Mm-hmm."

"And I haven't had any holiday-esque fun in ages."

"Yup," he apathetically agreed as he alternated between typing furiously and devouring a microwavable chicken burger.

"I want a holiday," she demanded. "Let's go somewhere for the weekend."





Finally his head popped up, his brown eyes attentive under his tousled black hair. "Coruscant? What?"

Holly expelled a long-suffering sigh as she set to coffee cup down and rapped sharply on his forehead. "You haven't listened to a word I've said." Her tone was neither accusatory, nor petulant. Just matter-of-fact, as she knew her best friend's attention could only grasp two things at the one time, maximum. In this instance, WRITING and STOMACH had taken precedence over CONVERSATION.

Beggs tapped his chin as he tried to recall any speech from the previous five minutes. "True," he admitted.

"I was saying that we should go to Coruscant for the weekend. You need a break from exec-office-boy work, and I'm dangerously close to starting nose-to-the-grindstone third year as a morose and tired bunny rather than a happy bunny."

Beggs peered into Holly's eyes for signs of insanity, but this was futile as her ever present Morticia Addams makeup already gave her an air of dementia. "Um, you do know that Coruscant is fictional, yes?"

Holly snorted.

"And that Wedge Antilles isn't actually a real person, yes?"

Holly snorted again, more viciously this time at the slander of her hero. "Disregard these petty notions of reality versus fiction. Coruscant, Wedge, and all the other tasty pilots do exist. In a galaxy far, far away."

"Riiiight. And how do you propose we travel this vast intergalactic distance to get to Coruscant?"

"Look." Holly pointed to her computer screen. "British Airways do hyperspace transports to Coruscant, and a couple of other core worlds."

Beggs squinted at the flight booking page. He tilted his head sideways, as if it would make more sense to him at an angle. He tilted his head the other way, but the black text remained the same. "Oh. Oh. Does this mean that Mirax is real too?" he asked with a hopeful grin.

Holly nodded gleefully. "And Wedge, and Han, and Tycho, and Wes, and Hobbie, and Face, and Phanan, and Gavin -"

Beggs interrupted her wishlist. "How do we find somewhere to stay?"

"Leave it to me," she said. "I can find anything on the Internet." Holly took a sip of coffee and tapped away at the keyboard. "So you're sold on this 'Star Wars is real' concept now?"

Beggs's brain was now concerned with thoughts of MIRAX and the POSSIBILITIES, so he barely heard the question. "Do you think she'd like me?"

"Who, Mirax?"

"Mmmmmm," he said dreamily.

"Well, let's see. Corran." Holly pondered Mirax's track record. "Yes, I think she'd like you, she seems to have bad taste in men."

The insult went unnoticed as Beggs's brain was taxed to the limit, managing MIRAX, the POSSIBILITIES, and STOMACH all at the same time.

Continued in Part Two