Chain Reaction: Cloning Wraiths
by Ili

Ili lounged in an overstuffed armchair and sighed dramatically. Things had been relatively quiet since she'd cloned Wedge, Wes, Tycho, and Hobbie, but now she was bored. Once she'd started advertising, she'd sold out of almost all of her clones, so she had a tidy little nest egg. What to do? Hmmm.... As she thought of how to divert her bored-ness, her eyes fell on a piece of paper. As they did so, her eyes lit up. Aha! Now, the paper in and of itself was not what caused Ili's eyes to light up, but what was written on it did. For, on that little piece of paper, Ili had written Mish's email address so she wouldn't forget it in case she ever needed it. I know exactly what I'll do.


A man who looked remarkably like Wes Janson entered the Downtime Cantina where most of the Wraiths were socializing. In fact, this man looked exactly like Wes Janson. However, he was not Janson...not exactly anyway. The man who looked just like Wes passed between various groups of pilots before stopping in front of a table at which two pilots in particular were sitting. He grinned merrily at both of the pilots and told them that Commander Antilles wanted to see them.

The two pilots exchanged glances. "Now?" one of them asked.

"Yes, now." replied the Janson look-alike.

"Figures." muttered the other pilot, "Just when we get to enjoying ourselves, the slavedriver cracks the whip." After that comment, both pilots got up and followed Wes out of the cantina.


The man who was almost exactly Janson led the two pilots into a large room. "Where's the commander?" asked one.

"Oh, he's here," the almost-Janson replied.

At that moment, the door behind them closed with a loud click and a chair in the middle of the room who's back had been facing them suddenly turned and the pilots were faced with a woman who was practically grinning like a maniac. "Thanks, Wes, dear. You can go back to playing with Hobbes now." The Wes!clone nodded, winked at Ili and disappeared through another door.

Face, for the dynamic duo Ili had lured to her lair was indeed Face and Phanan, asked, "Who're you, pray tell?"

To be Continued...

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