My Collar
Part Two
by Ili

In the middle of this wondrous, life-changing experiece (or something like that anyway), I all of a sudden heard an insistent beeping. Obviously the mystery man heard it too, because he pulled away from me with a sigh that sounded suspiciously like annoyance. "Stay put." he told me. Like I could go anywhere else. I suppose he took the comlink call (for that's what the beeping was) outside. I just slid down the wall and tried to sort through everything I was feeling. I didn't get much of a chance to continue meditating on how I was feeling, however, because a moment later, I heard the door open and mystery man walked back in. His voice sounded regretful.

"I'm afraid I won't get to finish what I've started. ... At least not right now." With that, I felt him undo the chain from the wall. As I was puzzling over this, he pulled me gently to my feet, stood behind me, one of his hands resting on the small of my back. "Come with me." he said.

"But, how can I-...." I started to protest, he cut me off by placing a finger over my lips. I had the craziest impulse to kiss his finger but, well, I suppressed it....barely.

Mystery man led me down a series of corridors before pushing me into a room and shutting the door. A moment later I felt a quick sting in my arm and then blackness.


Who knows how long later, I awoke lying clothed in my own bed. First my hand went to my collar, no handcuffs or blindfold or chain either. Why did I feel so naked without them on even though I was fully clothed? I looked around seeing everything was familiar yet alien at the same time. This was my room, yet it didn't feel the same anymore. Did I change or did it?

I sighed and dragged myself off of the bed, went to the 'fresher, and decided I needed a drink. Just as I opened the door, Wedge was raising his hand to knock on it. He stood there a moment and just looked at me before saying, "Perfect timing, Hobbie."

I shrugged, "I try. What do you need?"

"Just..uhm...checking on you. Wes said you'd let him talk you into getting drunk and you've been in here ever since."

Weird, I thought...I thought I got drunk, but I don't have a hangover..

"I'm alright," I replied, "Guess I slept it off..." I wasn't about to tell him what I'd really been doing. If I'd been doing it at all...I had supposedly gotten drunk, and there was no evidence that supported it...maybe I'd been dreaming?

Or maybe I was just swimming in the River Denial.

Continued in Part Three