Cose Ricordato
by Ili

I sat across from him in the caf. He was busy eating and I was busy pretending to eat. There was something about him that reminded me of someone I'd once known...I just couldn't put my finger on it. Then he pushed his hair back and it hit me.

---The dark-haired boy named Wedge said, "Weeell....I could pay I guess." ---

Those few words had led to one of the most fun and happy and carefree afternoons of my life. I had always wondered what had happened to that boy. Now, it seemed, that he was sitting across from me.


"Yeah?" he asked, looking across at me.


His brow furrowed, "What for?"

"Just for being a friend."

"Oh." he replied, and grinned, "You're welcome."

If only you knew what you did for me...but I can't tell you. I don't want you feeling sorry for me now. I don't want you to be my friend because you pity me.

I was content to just sit there quietly and eventually fade into the background, just like I'd learned when I was a kid. I could tell even then that Wedge is going to be one of those people who's known by everyone. I'd rather stay out of the limelight.

That light hurts.


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