Picking Out Curtains: A Tale Of Wedge and Wes
(or insert two guys from your favorite fandom)
by elizabeth

Note: I think Wedge is the first speaker.

"I think the blue."

"You always think the blue."

"But it looks nice."

"I wanted something more interesting."

"Well, what do you suggest?"

"How 'bout this?"

"That's so loud!"

"But it's interesting."

"It hurts to look at."

"Fine, fine....here. This one doesn't hurt. It actually feels nice."

"The last thing I care about is if it feels nice."

"You have to admit, it's a plus."


"Mmm, you're right...."

"Yeah, I know..."

(another pause)

"That feels nice, too."

"Does it?"



"We are in public, you know."

"Oh right....:::sigh:::"

(sounds of quiet but reluctant disentanglement)

&uqot;:::whisper::: Dibs on top tonight."




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