The Intergalactic Ho!s
Part One
by Kitty

Sara, Rhia(Rhi-ah),and Beth, are..The Intergalactic Ho!s. They travel from fandom to fandom, trying to find the perfect "studmuffins"(a/n: waaay too much use of that word this week!) in the many, many different Sci-Fi Universes.

Tonight's Episode: Slash Anonymous.

Upon their arrival into the SW galaxy, the girls were excited and intrigued at once. Sara and Beth, being self-proclaimed "Star Wars Chicas", were eager to meet their favorite characters, like Obi-Wan, Han, and the Great One himself-Wedge. After having a rather, uh, memorable experience in Trekkie Land, they had been overjoyed to be transported to a galaxy far, far away. But something was terribly non-canon. Things just weren't, as Rhia put it, "making cents." "That's sense, not money, Rhi."

Beth and Sara had calculated their position-Coruscant approximately 7 years after the Battle of Endor-but after Endor, things somehow refused to follow the timeline of Events. By some strange twist of fate, they ended up in the hangar for Rogue Squadron. There they were interrogated extensively by Wedge Antilles himself; who turned out to be extremely hot and a pretty nice guy, once he understood who they were. But he didn't really understand. Not at all. Not in any way, shape, or form, actually.

Finally, he brought them into his personal office, and they explained, albeit briefly, how they had somehow been appearing in weird places. After nearly an hour of disbelief, he had come to the conclusion that there was no other way they could have known about Lieutenant Kettch? So, they were sitting in his office when his comlink buzzed. They had politely left the room while he spoke to the man who'd called. Sara, hoping to find out his plans for the evening, heard him mention a bar called "All That Glimmers" and make plans to meet with the mysterious gentleman that night.

After getting the three young women settled into rooms, he'd gone so that they could "rest for the rest of the evening",and had left, supposedly to meet a friend. However, Sara, her sights set on the floofy haired Corellian, made a quick scheme to find her Hunk-O-Rogue.

They decided to check out the bar that the 'studly' General had mentioned. Outside, they noticed strange equivelents of bumper stickers, with Rainbow patterns on several of the speeders. And that night they met him in halfway-seedy bar, with mostly male occupants in varying shades of Fuschia, and Rouge; leather and other shimmery materials dominated. Not the kind of place you'd expect a General, right?


He was sitting at the bar, his mouth inches from a cute blonde's neck, nuzzling every once in a while; a large bottle of Corellian Ale was in one of his hands, while the other took happy trails over the other man's chest. He immediately turned around to see them all staring, Sara and Beth nearly agog with shock. They turned to each other in shock.

"I had no idea they were..."

"No friggin' way! And he's a hottie!"

"Do you think that's real leather?"

He suddenly cleared his throat, interrupting their dazed chatter.

"Anything I can help you with, ladies?"



"We had no idea you were..."

He chuckled softly, the ripples of laughter echoing in ripples of the silky shirt that was nearly unbuttoned halfway down his chest. Beth drooled.

"It's commonplace here, in this galaxy, for same-sex relationships. Actually, many find them more satisfiying than the opposite sex. I," he smiled slyly at this,"Happen to be one of them." He frowned, ever so slightly, though. "But I would be very appreciative if you didn't alert High Command or the press that I'm here. They really don't like the mass publicity. So, I'll see you tomorrow morning, then?"

They caught his semi-warning, then smiled shyly.

"We'll get some drinks,and, um, be out of here."

Beth was still intrigued, though.

"So, how do you get into those pants..."

Finally, Sara jerked her back into a small booth, where they sat with Rhia and ordered drinks. Sara ordered some purple mixed drink, while Rhi and Beth took a caf each. They sat down at a small booth near the door, with an indiscreet view of the Rebel's Hero. He looked quite happy in his real leather pants, and they saw him lean foward and kiss the other man.

Beth muttered an "I can't believe it!", Rhi played with her drinking straws, and Sara gazed intently on the flirtatious pair. The blonde brushed a few fingers through the floofy hair, and Beth sighed. "It's a Shame, isn't it?"

"Yeah, I guess it is."

"You know, he had a really nice smile!" noted Rhi.

"You know, he has a really nice ass." replied Sara sardonically.

"And nice arms, and his hair is that certain kind of floofy."

"And he's got a goregous mouth."


"And those lips!"

"And that leather!! Rarrrr."

"And that....TONGUE?"

"Tongue, ooh! lemme see!"

The two men were necking for all to see, their tongues dueling erotically, intertwining in a dance of lust. Finally, Wedge draped an arm over the other man's shoulders, and they left the bar, probably headed for "further recreation."

"This sucks, you know?"

"Yeah, I know."

"You think they'd let us watch?"

Suddenly, a thunderbolt of an idea hit the girls, and they ran to the parking lot....

Continued in Part Two