The Intergalactic Ho!s; Part Two
by Kitty

When we last saw our Ho!s, they were stunned to discover the common homosexuality of this Star Wars Universe. *Sara and Beth stand, agape*

However, Sara, ever the diligent one, *Sara-looks brave* is going after her Rogue-Stud, whether through barriers like his flaming homosexuality and the fact that he has more fashion sense than she does. She is going after her man. Well, Glittery-Boy, actually. Actually, If you really want to know... *Voice clears throat offscreen*. Uh, yes. Here's the Next Episode of the Ho!s


The three girls nearly ran out of the bar, then suddenly slid to a stop behind a wall as they watched Wedge and his blonde walk to the Commander's speeder, complete with a Rainbow and "Slash Pride" bumper stickers on his speeder, which Beth could have sworn was sparkly.

Sara, Rhia, and Beth crouched down and watched the speeder start up, and Wedge slip an arm around his companion as they prepared to go to Wedge's current residence. Sara hailed a speeder-cab, and the three intergalactic travelers quickly piled into the cab, which smelled somewhat reminiscent of Corellian Whiskey. Sara was the last to get in, and she merely pointed at Wedge's speeder.

"Follow that rainbow!" she yelled, and the speeder quickly started after the brightly-colored transport vehicle of the Commander's.

"Some-Where.... Oover the Rain--" Rhia started. This achieved "eat shit" looks from all three other occupants of the vehicle, which prompted the pretty blonde to stop singing.

Beth was more worried about being caught stalking an important Republic official. "You know, we could be thrown in the brig for this! We could be caught as stalkers, made idiots of for the rest of our lives..." she began in her usual pessimistic tone.

"We won't get caught," Rhia said. "Even if we do, we'll probably just get transported into another galaxy, anyways."

Finally, Wedge's speeder slowed down, then turned into a small apartment close to the planet's mountains. Sara instructed the driver to slow down a few meters away from the house, and the girls hopped out of the speeder-cab, but not fast enough to avoid the driver's questioning.

"Where's my money?" Sara looked impatient and ready to leave already, but Beth felt a tad more guilty. "Is there any other way we can pay you back, like a good deed or something, sir?" she asked pleadingly, because she surely didn't want to be reported for this. The driver grinned evilly, then gave the girls a card that read:

Stanle J. Stemr
Pimp At Large
Great Money! Good Times!
And a boss who's always open for Business!

Sara shuddered, muttered something about "a fate worse than death," Rhia cried "Eww-sies!" and Bethany just said "Yuck. I don't think so. That's even worse than Corran-Smut!"

The driver, obviously not impressed with their display of disgust, screwed up his nose and sped away, thinking about how they'd said they were Ho's, and they hadn't taken him up on his offer.

"Good riddance," remarked Beth as the speeder sped away. Sara was checking ou the surroundings, and Rhia was the first to remark:

"A Car! A CAR!" Rhia yelled as the headlights of a speeder carrying a lone occupant drove by and turned in to the driveway-type path leading to the Commander's small place.

"It's quite nice, actually," remarked Rhia.

"Yeah, not too bad." Bethany agreed.

"Oyah. That's hot, baby. Rarrrrr." Sara murmurred, looking intently in the direction of Wedge's building. Beth and Rhia exchanged confused glances. "Well, he does have a hot ass!" cried Sara. Her companions shook their heads knowingly. They should have expected as much from her.

"Don't give me that look! And where are you going?"

&uqot;To go and see if we can see anything interesting. If anything else, we could at least witness a dramatic arguement by a couple of hotties." Beth called over her shoulder as she and Rhia scurried over to an area of bushes closer to the hotties.

Finally, Sara caught up to them as they were trying to climb a tree up to the Commander's bedroom window. (Or what they hoped was his bedroom-whatever room he got it on in, anyways)


"Sorry!" The three girls, who were not, by the way, experienced climbers, were slowly making their way up the tree. Rhia was whining quietly most of the time, as she was getting hit by all the branches as Beth pulled them out of her way. The entire way up to the window, she was muttering about how she thought that even sex probably wasn't worth this, when they heard another loud noise.

"OH!" Beth and Sara immediatly looked at Rhia, who gently squeaked, "Not Me!"

They quickly climbed to a branch close to the window, where they could see in, albeit around the maroon curtains. The commander and his friend were nude, and the superior officer now had the cute blonde underneath him, and was applying some sort of lubricant to himself and the rather cute buttox of the blonde, whose name, they learned through some more moans and grunts, was Hobbie.

All three girls were watching in astonished silence as Wedge smeared some sort of colored, thick fluid on Hobbie's backside and proceeded to lick every inch of it off. Suddenly, the girls' drool fest was interrrupted by a loud noise at the door, and then the appearance of another blonde, this one Sara recognized as Tycho Celchu. He entered and stripped off his blue coat, placed a white plastic-looking bag on the floor by the bed, and smiled at the sight of the two men together.

"Starting without me again?" he said as he proceeded to undress himself as well.

The girls were looking at each other at disbelief at this. "Menage-a-Rogue!" Sara whispered, her eyes shining at the possibilites, which were looking to become reality very, very soon.

Tycho, now only clad in his boxer-briefs, leaned down to kiss the man under Wedge and gently caressed his blonde hair, running it through his fingers like soft silk. Hobbie groaned loudly and gently traced Tycho's ear with his tongue, sending a visible shiver down his spine. Wedge cleared his throat gently, and both men turned around to see that Wedge's cock wanted some attention of its own, apparently. Hobbie leaned back on his elbows and turned to watch, a small smirk on his usually mournful face as Tycho crawled on his hands and knees to kneel eye-level with his commander's penis. He gently licked the tip and sides of the head, running his tongue over the smooth skin as Wedge's skull tilted back and he let out a moan as he tangled his fingers in his XO's hair. Tycho grinned cruelly and continued to tease Wedge, running his tongue all around his now rock-hard cock, but not yet taking himself into his mouth. Wedge looked down at him sternly (Or tried to at least-his gaze was still lusty and full of need).

"Oh, go ahead!" Hobbie murmurred from behind Tycho, gazing through long lashes at the two men.

Tycho opened his mouth ever so slightly, and Wedge gently pushed himself in, groaning in intense pleasure as he felt Tycho's warm, moist mouth finally close around his cock.

Sara, Rhia and Beth still watched, mouths gaping at the three men.

Wedge pumped gently into Tycho's eagerly accepting mouth, still vocalizing his enthusiasm every time Tycho's tongue touched a particularly sensitive area of his manhood. After a few more moments of some of the best oral sex Wedge had ever recieved, Tycho pulled away with a smile, licking his lips for the small trace of pre-come he found there. He nodded towards Hobbie, his smile turning an idea in Wedge's mind. He pulled Tycho up so that they were both standing, and he could feel the hardness of his dick, straining in the now-tight boxer-briefs. Wedge lowered himself so that his mouth tugged on the edge of the undergarment. He pulled with his teeth, moving around his lover as he slowly, tantilizingly pulled them to the floor, freeing Tycho's rigid member. His gaze then suddenly turned towards Hobbie, who was now more than prepared by watching the two other men together. Wedge reached Hobbie on the floor, and they kissed for a moment, their tongues meeting eagerly as their bodies begged for more. Hobbie turned over onto his stomach once again, looking over his shoulder at Wedge, who lowered himself close to Hobbie once again, preparing for entry when a hand on each of the men momentarily stilled them. Tycho had retrieved some choco-mint lube from the local Ho-Mart (The girls could tell by the logo on the bag he'd gotten it out of) He had two big handfuls; some of it was rubbed on Wedge's already inflamed organ, and he gently applied some to Hobbie's entrance as well. Smiling a thank you to Tycho, Wedge finally inserted himself into Hobbie, who cried out in a mix of pleasure and pain. Tycho lathered the rest of the lube onto his own manhood, then knelt in front of Hobbie's groaning mouth as Wedge continued to pump inside of him. Hobbie looked up at Tycho, his gaze mischievous and sexy all at the same time. He took him into his mouth, gently sucking and nibbling in all the right places. Tycho bit his lip harshly to cover his loud groan, then remembered where they were, and let out a loud series of moans as Hobbie continued to pleasure him. Meanwhile, Wedge was still thrusting into Hobbie, his own orgasm drawing near.

It happened like a chain reaction, really. Wedge came first, thrusting for all he was worth into the willing body benath his. Fianlly, he emptied his white-hot seed into Hobbie's body, his lust that he had been building all evening finally coming to a head. After his own climax, he slumped against Hobbie for a moment as he continued to please Tycho. He raised his head and looked at the two men together, and knew that Hobbie needed an orgasm of his own- he was close, Wedge knew that. He slipped his hands under Hobbie, feeling the rigid cock at once. He wrapped his fingers around it and pumped gently from base to tip, paying special attention to the tip and the sensitive fold of skin. Tycho's own head was back, shouting his elation as he thrust into Hobbie's mouth and spilled his warm, hot sperm inside of him. After a moment, Hobbie removed his mouth from around Tycho's penis and let out his own cries of joy as Wedge continued to touch him. He came fast and crying out in ecstasy as a bright light burst behind his eyes.

The lovers lay together in mangled heap on the floor, the bed still untouched. After a while, they did go to bed, all three of them. Wedge and Tycho spooned around Hobbie, who looked quite content with his place in the middle.

The girls sat outside the window, all three sitting on the same branch, their mouths still slightly open with the shock of their witnessing of possibly the single sexiest thing they had ever seen. Suddenly, there was a loud splitting crack and the branch they'd been sitting on was falling. They didn't even have time to scream before a white light burst before their eyes, and they suddenly realized they were sitting, a bit sorely, I might add, on a beach. Looking up, they saw a few strange creatures riding up to check everything out.

All three of them shrieked when they realized that the creatures were Apes....



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