Medieval Hobbie
Part Four
by Kitty

Gabriella smiled as she lay against his chest. As a result of him winning Gabriella, the Duchessa had given her several days off, to enjoy being with her future husband. So, they'd gone back to that spot by the creek, and were thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Life seemed just about perfect. But, the next day, they'd have to return to the castle, and Gabriella wasn't sure why she felt such a feeling of foreboding about that.

Then, she heard a soft psst noise, and she wrapped a robe around herself and went to investigate.

Behind some trees, she saw the Sorceress Glim. She looked very worried. "Indeed, I am worried, Gabriella," she said as she gestured for the girl to sit beside her.

"Why are you worried?" Gabriella asked, concerned.

"Why do you have that terrible feel of foreboding in your gut?" Glim countered, a small smile on her face. However, her smile disappeared quickly. "But I have a feeling that you know why I'm so worried."

"He has to go back, doesn't he?"

Glim nodded sagely, a sad look in her eyes. "Aye, he does. And there's just one small problem with that."

Gabriella suddenly felt as if every nerve in her body went tense. "No, that can't be..."

"Ah, but it can. It already is, Gabriella."

Gabby looked immediately downcast, her eyes cast downward in sorrow.

&uqot;No." she said. "Not already." She looked at Glim pleadigly. "Please, don't make him go! Now, more than ever, he has to stay here, with me."

Glim shook her head firmly. "I'm sorry, Gabriella, but it is not to be. Luke and I know that it's not the way of the Magic. Something went wrong to bring him here. And so, we must make it right. "

Gabriella couldn't stop the tear that rolled out of her eye. "But I want to be with him so badly," she said.

The Sorceress looked heavenward for a moment, contemplating.

"Alright." She said, a wicked gleam in her eyes "We'll find a way."


Glim had been right. Once they'd arrived back at the castle, Wizard Luke had given orders that they were to be brought to his chambers, immediately.

Hobbie was confused by this. He had no idea what was going on, although he had a sinking feeling that Gabriella did. She looked mournfully downcast, and her eyes were swimming with unshed tears.

Hobbie looked sharply at the blonde Wizard.

"Can someone please explain what's going on here?"

"You have to leave, Hobbie," Gabriella said softly, her words half-sobs. "You weren't supposed to end up here."

Luke sighed gently. "If you stay, space and time will be forever changed. This place is so much like your other life, yet you are not meant to be here. You must go back."

Gabriella sniffled gently. "But I can't bear it if you leave." she said, her eyes wet and already full of tears.

Hobbie sighed and gently stroked her cheek. "We'll find a way to be together-I promise."

Her eyes shined momentarily with hope, but Hobbie could see Luke's disapointed look.

"I don't know, Gabriella. Sending him back is necessary. Sending you there would change fate. And that's not a good thing."

"Please?" she begged. She gazed up at Hobbie again. "I know it's selfish, but I want you here, with me."

He embraced her gently, a few of her tears touching his shoulder. He looked up at Luke, who seemed to be studying something from an old-looking book.

"I'm going to miss you more than you'll ever know." Hobbie whispered to her still slightly shaking form.

"Please, no, Hobbie. Don't go. You were meant to land here, to come to this land. To be with me! Don't go now, Hobbie." She looked into his eyes again, running her fingers through his hair.

"I love you too much to let you go." she murmured gently. They kissed gently for a moment, until the great Wizard Luke softly cleared his throat. They both blushed, and turned to face him.

Luke handed Hobbie a small vial. "Drink this, then I'll say some words and the Magic shall restore you to your old existance. Everything will be as it should again." Hobbie nodded, then pulled Gabriella close one last time.

"We'll be together eventually, you know."

"I don't know, Hobbie."

"We'll be together. I just know it. Something this strong can't be just wished away."

"You promise, Hobbie?"

"Yeah," he smiled gently and kissed her nose. "I promise."

He looked at the vial intently, and then at Luke. Luke nodded and prepared to recite the words.

"I love you," he murmured to Gabriella. She nodded, tearfully, then mouthed it back to him, tears still flowing freely from her eyes. Hobbie looked heavenward, closed his eyes, and drank the vial.

"This traveler and his friend, from their own time have stumbled,
Has landed here in our home, so humbled,
Send them back to their land, and life will resume to normal for these men."

Once he had finished his spell, he murmured,

"So mote it be."

Hobbie suddenly heard a loud whoosh, and then felt as if an enormous wind was blowing him back.

"Klivian? Loran?" The comlink in the ship crackled to life.

"Hobbie? Face? Are you there? This is Rogue Lead. Come in, come in. Major Klivian..."

Hobbie ran over to the com and flipped it on. "Yeah, I'm here. What just happened?"

"I have no idea," came Wedge's somewhat confused reply. "We were looking for you, and you just appeared there, from out of nowhere."

Face stumbled into the cockpit as well. He sat beside Hobbie and checked over systems.

"Everything's fine," he said unbelievingly. "All systems are up and operational."

Wedge breathed a sigh of relief. "Well then, we'll escort you back to Coruscant."

They saw Rogue squad make the jump to lightspeed, and then Face pulled back the lever and brought them home.


The next few weeks were miserable for Hobbie. Even Mirax noticed that he looked more mournful than usual. So, to cheer him up, Wes started introducing Hobbie to all these pilot groupies. Wes loved talking with them and flirting with them. Hobbie probably would have done the same, but Gabriella had changed him. She would forever be a mark on his heart.

"Hey, Hobbie, will you do me a favor?" Wedge asked with a small pleading look.

"What?" he mumbled into his pillow.

"Listen, I've got a cousin or something coming to visit. Do you mind escorting them around for a while? Please?"

Hobbie groaned. The last thing he needed was to be on call for some traveler. He agreed, however, as a favor to his friend. Wes' actions may have been unsuccessful, but Hobbie appreciated the fact that he tried.

"They'll be landing in about 2 hours at the Corusca International Spaceport, hangar 122. Thanks, buddy."

With that, Wes shut the door quietly behind him and was on his way.

Hobbie turned over and looked at the clock and wished that he really hadn't agreed to do it again.


So, he stood there waiting for some person that was somehow related to Wes. Just great. They'd probably end up being as troublesome as Wes, and....

Then, the annoucement came on that passengers were now disembarking. Hobbie looked at the people all meeting family, hugging and enjoying the fact that they were together again. One couple nearly ran into each other and kissed passionately, not caring at all that people were staring.

"Major Klivian?" A soft, smooth voice interrupted him from behind.

He turned around to face the woman, and then his heart could have stopped beating with what he saw.

A familiar-looking young woman with hazel eyes and silky brown hair was smiling up at him. He could see the shock of recognition in her eyes as well. She held out an unsteady hand.

"I'm Gabby. Wes' cousin?" she said gently. He shook her hand, his mind still reeling.

"Have we met?" she asked gently.

"Perhaps," he managed to choke out.

"You know," she whispered to him slyly, "Magic is indeed a powerful thing."

His eyes opened up in shock,and she looked delightedly over his shoulder. "Wes!" she called out.

"Gabby?!" he said, looking her over in amazement. "Look at you, all grown up!" Then he pulled her into a big bear hug and they talked excitedly, apparently happy to see one another.

She glanced back at Hobbie. "So, where am I going to stay?" she asked gently, eyes twinkling slightly.

"With us, of course!" Wes said gently. "Where else could you stay?"

"A hotel?" she offered thoughtfully.

"No way," Wes said half-angrily. "You're family. That means you can stay with me and Hobbie." He winked over at Hobbie. "You'll be on your best behavior, right Hobs?"

Hobbie nodded, still too astounded to coherantly speak. The three left the spaceport and headed back to Hobbie's speeder. None of them noticed a man and woman standing in the shadows, grinning to themselves.

"Magic is indeed a powerful thing," Glim murmured, smiling at Luke.

"Indeed," he agreed, as the air they had inhabited began to twinkle and they were transported back to the great lands of Tawg...


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