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by Katrin

"So you're The Face," Phanan said.

"That's right," replied Loran, "beloved of adolescent girls everywhere." He wondered if that would ever cease to be how people reacted to him. Hoped so. He tried to play it to his advantage, but fame had gotten old years ago.

"Not just adolescent girls," Phanan commented. When Loran turned to look at him, he added, "There were a fair number of adolescent boys, too."

Loran wondered where they'd been hiding out, then shook his head. He didn't need them. He loved his boyfriend, and for more than getting him into this new squadron, led by the Wedge Antilles he'd heard so much about. He said, "I guess, but no one bothered to mention it to me then."

"Hmm," Phanan said."You know, those adolescent boys are not men, and I think some of them would still be interested in..."

Face raised an eyebrow. "In?"

"You see, I find piloting isn't enough for my superior intellect. I run a little business on the side."

"Er. What kind of business?"

Phanan smiled vaguely. On second thought, Loran thought maybe it was a smirk. "I make people happy," Phanan said. "If you're interested, let me know."

"Er," Face said.


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