Welcome Home
by Katrin

Face Loran opened the door and crossed the threshold into his home with an audible sigh. As the commander of a New Republic Intelligence contingent, he wasn't home very often, and therefore every moment spent there was treasured.

"Honey, I'm home!" he called, chuckling a little. The nice thing about living with someone was having that person there when you got home after being gone a long time.

…It seemed no one was home.

Face could feel himself frown, then stopped himself and wondered when his emotions had started showing so plainly. He went into the kitchen, telling himself he wanted a drink. He knew that he was really looking for a note. There was none.

He got a cup of water and drank it down before wandering into the sitting room. That too was devoid of any communication.

Face sighed, let himself. He knew, he really did, that the universe didn't revolve around him, but really. A little bit of a welcome would have been nice.

It was clear that the place was empty. Face figured he might as well go to the bedroom and get some sleep. He'd hoped to use the room for something else entirely, but you couldn't have everything.

The bedroom was dark, and Face was sure his heart literally leapt in his chest when he saw a silhouetted figure on the bed. Upon second glance, however, something appeared… wrong. Face padded over to the bed, careful to be quiet in case his suspicions are wrong, and reached out a hand to touch…

…Something soft and fuzzy.

"Lights!" he called, and a second later, when the room was illuminated, and Face realized that the figure was a stuffed Ewok.

He narrowed his eyes and whipped around to see Wedge Antilles standing behind him, wearing a wide grin.

Face did the only thing he could have been expected to do. He picked up the Ewok and threw it at Wedge.

Wedge laughed and caught the Ewok. "Why, Face, I'm hurt. I went to all that trouble to set up a surprise for you, and you throw it in my face."

"You wanker," Face muttered. "That was evil and cruel and sadistic."

"And you loved it."

"Shut up." Face decided that illustrating this point might be a good idea, so he took a step forward and occupied Wedge's lips with his own.


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